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By: Ace Of Hearts Media  09-12-2011
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Don't let your memories fade away. VHS tapes deteriorate every year even if you don't view them. Your precious memories loveingly caught on tape will someday be unplayable. The average life expectancy of tapes is about 15 years. The rate of VHS tape deterioration depends on how often the tape is played and environmental conditions, but nothing can stop the inevitable demise of analog media. Even before the ravages of time render the tape unplayable, the quality of the video and audio will begin to degrade, so don't wait any longer to convert your VHS tapes.

Perhaps the best reason for transferring VHS videos is the ability to add interactive chapters, menus, music soundtracks, and slideshows. Those boring 2-hour long VHS videos of the kid's birthday party that you rarely play are suddenly converted to fun-filled DVDs with personalized menus and the ability to instantly advance to the next chapter. When was the last time you watched your wedding video? Imagine your VHS wedding video transferred to digital media with an opening menu showing user-selectable thumbnails that jump right to "The Vows", "The First Dance", "Cutting the Cake", or "The Best Man Toast". Imagine more menus that guide you through media slideshows of your wedding photos, while music from your reception plays in the background.

Keywords: Dvd Transfer, Vhs To Dvd, VHS to DVD Transfer, Video, Wedding Video

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DVD Slideshows are presentations of your photos with themed background music. Up to 1 hour video transferred to dvd (straight conversion - no edits. Opening menu with title of your choice and themed background. Themed dvd label and jewel case. VHS TO DVD TRANSFER RATES.