Stepscan™ Products - Pad, Pedway, Platform and Software

By: Vitrak Systems  09-12-2011

Stepscan™ Pad

Single tile system for measuring the sway/balance of stationary subjects. The Stepscan™ tile measures weight and underfoot pressure. An optional thermal profiling application monitors underfoot pathologies such as diabetic foot ulcers.

Stepscan™ Pedway

Entry level gait scanning system comprised of four tiles in 2 ft X 8 ft configuration with software analysis package. 2’ X 8’ run can easily be reconfigured into a 4’ X 4’ cage system for veterinary applications.

Stepscan™ Platform

Multi-tile system can be custom configured to meet the unique needs of individual researchers.

Stepscan™ Software

Footprint analytics software includes a standard gait analysis package and several optional add-ons, including the multiple subject tracking feature, clinicians reporting package and veterinary application for quadruped analysis.