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By: Thinking Big  09-12-2011
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Thinking BIG is a full service IT consulting firm. This means we can handle all aspects of your project.

Our core services include:

Technical Consulting
Web Design and Development
eMarketing and Branding
Software Design and Development
Database Design and Development

For more information on these services please see below.

In the fast paced often changing IT landscape Thinking BIG will help you make sense of what is currently available to improve your business process.

Our consultants have well over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. This wealth of experience and our deep understanding of the IT sector enable us to make sound and informed assessments.

Use our expertise to take an in depth look at your business and how best to use information technology to meet your objectives. In addition to providing sound technical advice, Thinking BIG consultancies can implement, deploy, and administer your IT solution.

Thinking BIG provides website design and development services for businesses of all sizes from small to large, helping each one achieve or exceed their desired goals. We offer a full range of services from graphic design to custom web programming.

Over the years our team has gained an incredible amount of expertise in this area. We have created CD-ROM multimedia applications, data driven websites and web/software hybrids. We have developed for many platforms and a wide range of environments

Thinking BIG provides eMarketing and Branding solutions for companies of all sizes. In the incredibly competitive internet marketplace having the right eMarking strategy or Branding techniques behind your companies' online or print campaign can mean the difference between success or failure.

Just like in the "brick and mortar world" location means everything. While you may have a great idea or product; if your site is buried deep within the bowls of the search engines or is missing the boat on what your potential customers are searching for then you might as well have not even bothered making your website in the first place.

Over the years our team has gained great deal of experience in this field; from SEO placements, memorable and effective branding through to print media; Thinking BIG will give you the edge you need!

Web, eMarketing and Branding Related Services

Thinking BIG provides software development services for businesses of all sizes from small to large, helping each one achieve their strategic goals. We offer full product lifecycle services, from design, development and integration to implementation and support.

Our team has well over 40 years of experience in both open source and proprietary platforms. We work with our clients to implement the most efficient solution based on the requirements at hand.

Over the years our team has gained an enormous amount of experience developing many custom applications from 3D video game prototyping to GPS based tracking/monitoring software.

Thinking BIG provides database design and development services ranging in various scopes, whether you are dealing with small amounts of data or terabytes of data we can create a solution to meet your needs.

Over the years our team has gained a great deal of experience with developing and designing database solutions. We have developed large scale databases that housed very sensitive and critical data to small databases used to power a web site.

Our team has well over 40 years of experience in both open source and proprietary database platforms. Thinking BIG has a proven track-record in providing high-quality, custom database design and development solutions.

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