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By: Atlantic Drafting Home & Cottage Design  09-12-2011
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Atlantic Drafting offers a wide range of professional architectural drafting and design services to get your project off the ground. By working with you throughout your project, we can create a unique home for your family and provide the gateway for you to build the home you have always wanted. What’s more, we can supply the plans you need to build that dream home or cottage.

We offer a number of architectural services and products including:

Architectural Drafting

The foundation of our company, architectural drafting is the gateway to providing you with a high-quality and detailed set of floor plans for your contractor to use when building your new home. The process begins by having an in-depth discussion with you, the soon-to-be new home owner. Through this initial dialogue we will apply our knowledge of the construction and solar industries to create a floor plan that best fits the specific needs of you and your family.

3D Modeling / 3D Rendering

Through 3D modeling and rendering, Atlantic Drafting is able to provide you with an opportunity to preview your home as a visual concept before you enter into the construction process. We will construct a 3-dimensional model of each design using various 3D modeling software. The model is a conceptual image of the structure which is able to depict building materials such as roof shingles, siding, windows, and doors.

From the 3D model we will be able to create a rendered image from any angle to show what each design will look like once constructed. The rendered image is included on the cover page of each set of floor plans. Once modeling is complete, areas chosen by the client will be rendered for further review. At that point, you will have an accurate representation of each area of your new home and can decide on additional modifications before the plan is finalized.

Architectural Design

Atlantic Drafting’s architectural design service includes incorporating the function, conceptual look, and character of a home through an analysis of:

  • spatial relationships (e.g. is your dining area next to your kitchen?)
  • spatial proximity (e.g. are your bedrooms close to the washroom?)
  • spatial function (e.g. how will the space be used?)
  • traffic flow (e.g. how many people and what time of day do they use each space?)
  • interior space layout (e.g. does it flow well?)
  • overall function of the design (e.g. does it fit your lifestyle?)

Architectural design also includes the selection of building materials to be used when constructing each design. For example, material selection may include type of siding, roofing material, window sizes, type of flooring, insulation type or interior finishes. Some materials are used as a standard for certain areas of your home, but designs can always be altered to suit your project specifically.

Atlantic Drafting and its design team offer design opinions based on years of experience in the construction and solar industries, and we are always looking for new products to help provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient home possible. By amplifying your ideas and applying our extended knowledge, we will create the space that is right for your family.

Passive Solar Design

Atlantic Drafting recognizes the importance of incorporating renewable energy options into our products and services. Our clients are demanding an ecologically-friendly future and we are working steadfast to meet your sustainable energy needs. That is why we are committed to offering the option to include passive solar heating in each and every one of our designs.

Similar to architectural design, passive solar design encompasses all of the same characteristics as architectural design. However, it provides you with the added opportunity to have your home designed specifically for your site in order to maximize the natural energy from the sun. These homes take advantage of the sun by using strategic building orientation and window placements, thermal mass storage, and insulation techniques to restrict heat loss. Combined with other renewable energy technology, such as photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, and pellet stoves, this service can help you create a very energy-efficient and cost-effective home, while keeping monthly bills at a minimum. Atlantic Drafting will provide you with an efficient design for a sustainable future, with the option to include passive solar heating in your new home.

Architectural Scale Models

Architectural scale models are a scaled representation of an existing or designed home. Atlantic Drafting can create a scaled model of the exterior of your home as a visual reminder of one of the greatest investments in life.

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