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By: Pdm Racing  09-12-2011

OEM SR20DET Water Pumps

OEM Japan Nissan SR20DET RWD water pump assembly. A must replacement when your water pump starts to leak from the pin hole or when the bearing is shot.

* Please select appropriate SR model when ordering as the water pump is specific for S13 and S14/S15 SR20DET.

SR20DET Gasket Kit

SR20DET Engine gasket kit comes with everything required when an engine is being rebuilt. This OEM Nissan kit includes:

  • new seals
  • valve seals
  • O-rings
  • stock headgasket
  • intake manifold gasket
  • exhaust manifold gasket
  • turbo outlet gaskets
  • throttle body gasket
  • AIV gasket
  • chain tensioner gasket
  • complete valve cover one piece gasket
  • inner spark plug hole gaskets
  • Nissan orange silicone sealant
An absolute must if you are rebuilding an SR with OEM Nissan quality parts.

Turbo Hardware, Locknuts, Washers and Studs

One of our more common mechanical jobs we do here in our shop is to seal up turbo leaks and broken turbo manifold and turbo hardware. We've always stocked these parts, but now are offering these to our worldwide cliental when installing new and fixing leaks in your SR or KA turbo systems.

(note we also highly recommend new metal gaskets at the same time on manifolds, turbo elbows and turbos)

Nissan 8mm stud

8mm exhaust manifold stud on the KAE that is super prone to breaking due to age, heat and fatigue. Also used in the SR20DET turbo main inlet and two on the turbo elbow outlet.

(4 required for turbo inlet on SR and 3 for the turbo elbow outlet)

Nissan 10mm stud

10mm exhaust manifold stud on the KADE and SR20DET. Repeated removals of the exhaust manifold over time will strip and gall the stock manfold stud with the metal stover nuts. Also extreme heat can fatigue these studs. Replace with OEM high quality manifold studs.

(8 required for SR and KA cylinder heads)

Nissan 10mm exhaust manifold thick washers

Removed your turbo manifold and misplaced one of the thick manifold washers? Nissan engineered these thick coned washers to dissipate heat and to properly spread the torquing force down on the manifold. Replace your missing washers with OEM quality.(8 required for KA and SR manifolds)

8mm and 10mm Metal Locking stover nuts

Exhaust systems create heat - LOTS of heat. Loctite and nylock nuts are useless when it comes to turbo heat and should never be used on manifolds, turbos or downpipes. Manufacturers use metal stover nuts which are essentially metal lock nuts which slightly "pinch" on two sides to create "drag" on the threads to help keep fasteners from backing off loose. Over time, these " pinched" areas will wear down, and the metal locking nuts fail to do their job properly. Replace your old metal locking nuts with fresh new units to help keep your manifolds and turbos from leaking.(4 required for SR turbo inlet and 3 for turbo elbow)(8 required for SR and KA exhaust manifold flange)

PDM Locking washers

The key to keeping your turbo manifolds, turbos and downpipes secured is keeping the bolts and nuts from backing off. In addition to new studs, and new stover nuts PDM has tried many different types of lockwashers and have found these double locking washers to work the best. These flat washers have special bevels formed in them which will dig into each other when 2 washers are place on top of each other. This in turn digs into the metal surface and the locking stover nut to help prevent hardware from backing off. We have found these locking washers to be one of the best methods to keep turbo hardware on. While it may not fully prevent exhaust nuts from loosening, we have found these lock washers to be one of the best yet.
Use 2 PER stud or bolt to help lock down your hardware.(8 required for SR and KA turbo inlets, and 6 required for SR turbo elbow)

Turbo manifold and elbow replacement hardware kit.

Replacing your stock SR manifold with a new tubular unit?
We recommend changing all your washers, and nuts and gaskets at the same time. PDM has packaged up these into kits to save you time and money and frustration with turbo leaks.
SR Hardware upgrade replacement kit includes:

  • 8 - 10mm Exhaust manifold studs
  • 2 - 10mm nuts for removal and installation of studs
  • 3 layer SR metal exhaust manifold gasket
  • 8 - 10mm Nissan stover exhaust manifold nuts
  • 8 - 10mm Nissan thick manifold washers
  • 7 - 8mm turbo inlet and outlet studs
  • 2 - 8mm nuts for removal and installation of studs
  • 1 - Metal turbo inlet gasket
  • 4 - 8mm stover nuts for turbo inlet
  • 8 - 8mm locking washers for turbo inlet
  • 1 - SR outlet gasket (specifiy S13 or S14)
  • 10 - 8mm locking washers for turbo elbow
  • 3 - 8mm stover nuts for turbo outlet elbow

The Mishimoto SR20DET replacement starters are made specifically for the Nissan S13/S14/S15. A common problem with the factory starters is that they often go bad and need replacing. It is extremely difficult to find this replacement part and even harder to find brand new OEM replacements.

Mishimoto knows exactly what drivers are looking for which is why we have developed brand new OEM SR20DET replacement starters. No more searching or spending a fortune, Mishimoto has what you’re looking for. All Mishimoto SR20DET replacement starters come with a lifetime warranty.

Functional as a secondary oil cooler, GReddy high-capacity Oil Pans, maintain more constant oil temperatures via increased volume of oil and the improved cooling efficiency of the thick-walled cast aluminum construction. They also include specially designed interiors to keep the oil at the oil pump pick-up for engine reliability.

Circuit Sports SR20DET Rocker Stopper Arms

Circuit Sports stainless steel rocker arm stoppers can be used for all FWD/RWD SR20DET. These are high quality stainless steel units that will not rust or flake off after years of abuse unlike the mild steel HKS or Greddy ones. A definite MUST for those that drift or regularly drive your SR powered car hard. (one over rev and you can do thousands of dollars in damage instantly) Easy bolt in units that can save your engine when driven hard.

Circuit Sport Rocker Stopper Arms can be used on all S14/S15 SR engine, but will require trimming and modifications to cut out material underneath the valve cover near the oil cap area that may hit the arms.

Mahle SR20DET Forged PowerPak Piston Set

The Mahle PowerPak is a complete, race proven piston assembly kit. It is composed of hand deburred, forged, performance coated pistons, high quality steel pins, round wire locks and low drag performance rings. Performance coatings include a phosphate dry lubricant that is used to protect against ring micro-welding and pin galling during initial startup and break in. For added performance, MAHLE applies its proprietary Grafel anti-friction coating to each piston skirt.

Piston Kit Features:

  • Forged from 4032 high silicon low expansion aluminum alloy for high strength and reduced piston to wall clearance.
  • Radiused valve pockets.
  • Forced pin oiling.
  • Precision pin fitting and easy to use round wire locks included
  • 22mm high quality steel wrist pins (103 grams) INCLUDED
  • Precision ring grooves for INCLUDED 1.2, 1.2, 2.8mm rings
  • 86.5mm bore, 86mm stroke
  • 22mm pin diameter
  • -11.5cc dome volume
  • 325 grams
  • 8.5:1 compression ratio

ARP SR20 Main Studs

  • ARP main stud kit for RWD SR20DET motor
  • Replace the worn stretched main bolt
  • Great when rebuilding your SR20 motor

ARP SR20DET Headstud Kit

Upgrade your factory torque yield head bolts to the heavy duty ARP headstud kit.

**Kit comes with nuts, washers and assembly lube.

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PDM Racing - PDM Control Arms

Those with S14’s will be happy to know, we have always offered OEM Nissan S14 front control arms, but just never advertised it on the site (DOH!) If you’ve damaged your front S14 control arms and need replacement, PDM has these in stock ready for shipping. These polyurethane bushings with new metal shells and inserts offer the finest in bushing replacement, and reduce any questionable slop in lower control arm movement.