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By: Pc Property Manager  09-12-2011
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PC Property Manager says I have a demo version and I cannot print but I have entered a keycode.

Your username and keycode must be entered exactly with the upper and lower cases of the letters exactly as printed on the sticker inside the manual.

  • There are no spaces between any of the characters in the keycode.
  • There are eight letters or numbers in the keycode.
  • Common letters to misread are: lower case L’s and one’s (l1); zero’s and upper case o’s (0O).

The keycode is an encryption of the user name you have been issued with.

Please note that version 1 keycodes will not be accepted. A new keycode will be issued when upgrading.

Keywords: property manager

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Making The Most Of The Free Trial

If you want to enter “dummy” transactions simply create a new owner called “Test Owner” or similar, set up a property and a tenancy/lease. You can then enter transactions and “play around” with the program knowing that you aren’t affecting your real data. On the Owners screen there is an option to opt an owner out of the reports where you print all.


Miscellaneous | PC Property Manager

You have probably been using PC Property Manager for a while but have recently loaded some new software onto your system and now PC Property Manager cannot start up. This is not a PC Property Manager problem and if you are not able to resolve this yourself you should contact your regular PC support service. On starting PC Property Manager I get a message that the config file cannot set the paths.


Using PC Property Manager | PC Property Manager

Alternatively, if you helped a friend or client to manage properties you would need to be able to identify which properties, receipts and payments were relevant to them. It is not uncommon for a person to own properties through more than one legal entity and, for taxation purposes, the records need to be kept separately. Creating an Owner for your friend and attaching the properties to that new Owner would let you do this.


Support | PC Property Manager

To identify the correct location for the upgrade go to the icon you normally use to start PC Property Manager. There is no data folder where PC Property Manager expects: C:\PROGRAM FILES\PC Property Manager\DATA. Run the installer again, using the correct location.