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By: Pc Gamer  09-12-2011
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Readers of the UK mag (and our forum) will be aware of the PC Gamer Rig. It’s what we keep in various stages of disrepair in the office and consider to be the ‘average’ PC – one that’s not too expensive, but specced up well enough to run any game past or present at a respectable lick. It functions both as a guide to the sort of base system we’d expect anyone buying or building a new machine from scratch, and as a guide to upgrades if you’re looking to just replace a single part.

Remember when USB was for gamepads and mice? It seems that the future for the data transfer port includes fuelling low energy monitors.

There aren’t many game launches which get people looking at their PC and wondering if it’s powerful enough. But the seemingly high system specs of Battlefield 3 have got a lot of us suddenly concerned about the state of our hardware.

With just one weekend to go until it’s released, it’s time to face the question: do you need to upgrade for Battlefield 3?

The current crop of 3D Vision cards and drivers are already more than competent at adding a second camera angle to games, and work with pretty much any DirectX game. For 3D Vision 2, then, NVIDIA have focussed on the supporting hardware.

Bulldozer is the first CPU that AMD has designed from the ground up since the Athlon 64 in 2003. If it feels like we’ve been waiting years for it, that’s because we have. The processor launched today first appeared on AMD roadmaps back in 2007, and was originally scheduled to arrive in 2009. There’s been much speculation about its potential performance and whether or not it’s a viable competitor for Intel’s Core series, which something AMD has been lacking for some time. Today’s the big day that we finally find out.

What do 3D effects add in terms of storytelling? That’s a discussion which comes up a lot no matter what visual medium you’re working in at the moment, be it games, films or photography.

While not at all game related, it is has been interesting to look at techniques involved in one experiment for 3D storytelling that’s taken place in Spitalfields Market, London, this week. Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), an NGO which sponsors doctors and hospital workers in crisis regions and the developing world, teamed up with NVIDIA and one of the best photojournalism outfits around to create a short piece of 3D photojournalism about one of their midwives in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Standing just 32cm high by 21cm wide, its luggage-like looks are set off by a large handle on the top. Obvious uses are for a system you plan on hauling around to LAN parties, although it’s one with awesome modding potential if you’re that way inclined too.

Have you tried Windows 8 yet? According to Microsoft, over half a million people downloaded the developer build of the new operating system within 24 hours of it being released to the public at the start of the BUILD conference in Seattle this week.

It’s called the Phoenix.

Graphics vendor NVIDIA reckons that the total amount of money spent on PC games will be greater than that splashed out on console titles within the next three years.

The K90 MMO keyboard and K90 MMO mouse, along with the FPS friendly K60 and M60 keyboard and mouse have been developed under the auspices of Ruben Mookerjee, who in a previous incarnatiuon oversaw the launch of Logitech’s G-series of gear.

Mookerjee takes his new role at Corsair seriously. For some people, he says, getting the right peripherals “is a matter of life or death. At Corsair, we say it’s more important than that.”

Keywords: 3d Effects, 3d Storytelling, Data Transfer, It Functions,

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