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By: Paymundo  09-12-2011
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Integrated Fraud Protection

Through our integrated fraud protection system, we provide the highest level of security to transactions processed through a secure payment gateway.

With a series of automated fraud scanning systems, all transactions are cross-checked against various global validation tests including:

  • • IP Geo-location
  • • Velocity monitoring
  • • Global telephone directories and address verification services
  • • Positive and negative list
  • • AVS (card association address verification)
  • • CVV2 matching
  • • ChargeBack Guardian

Through our automated system, transactions are fraud-checked as they occur, maximizing transaction speed and success, without compromising the security of banking relationships, merchants or their cardholders.

Reporting and Payment Statistics

The Paymundo payment gateway provides detailed online reporting in real time – 24 hours a day. Through the advanced reporting interface, a merchant can access detailed real time transaction reports without waiting over night, or for daily activity statements.

Through our CRM gateway, Merchants remain in full control of all transaction data, accounting and customer service issues. In this way, Paymundo's gateway works as an integrated reporting and customer service tool.

Our administrative tools include:

  • • Detailed sales and statement reporting,
  • • Geo-location of customer transactions,
  • • Website-traffic statistic reporting,
  • • Extensive customer service functions and
  • • Several other valuable features.

We also offer a range of value adding reporting services. Through an integrated web-traffic affiliate tracking system, processors can offer their merchants an affiliate program in conjunction with their payment services. When doing this, merchants gain full access to web-site traffic and affiliate reporting, with advanced breakdowns of affiliate traffic, unique visitors, sales and more.

High Risk, Check21, MOTO Payment Processing for Merchant Accounts

With a diverse range of payment products, Paymundo provides premium services, real-time processing and ongoing transactional management to all merchants.

By working with your merchants and its business model, we can tailor the perfect package to suit the Merchants' needs, with online payment solutions, integrated affiliate tracking, MOTO capabilities, recurring billing and more.

  • • Credit and debit card payments
  • • eCheck21 payments
  • • MOTO payments
  • • Recurring Billing
  • • International and Offshore Accounts

We work exclusively with international processing solutions to merchants worldwide. With complimentary services available for every account and a range of additional benefits, we assist merchants with the security, support and tools they need to run their processing business successfully.

Secure Payment Gateway for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Paymundo offers high-risk processing services to merchants around the world. We take a unique approach to high-risk merchants by reviewing each application on a case by case basis with particular bank options to achieve the highest rate of merchant approval, for the largest variety of industries.

High-Risk Account Features:

  • • Credit Card, and eCheck payments
  • • Real-time payment processing
  • • Advanced anti-fraud security services
  • • MOTO terminal (for phone, fax and mail order)
  • • Sophisticated transaction screening
  • • Advanced statistics and reporting
  • • Recurring billing services
  • • 24-hour customer support
  • • Affiliate payment and tracking services
  • • Offshore, onshore and international accounts

Payment Processing

Paymundo can provide almost any merchant with a gateway to accept card payments. We offer very competitive rates and the latest technology to help the make the sale.

Check 21

Electronic check solutions are a great way to save your business time and money, while offering customers another way to pay for the products and services. Online solutions are easy to set-up and use. Connect to every bank account in the USA.

Online Viewing of Processing for Merchants

This system gives you the power to track processing activity on your accounts and maintain better control of your business.

Gift Card Programs

Gift Card are a popular way to increase sales, as part of an incentive program, and to build brand presence. We help implement a gift card program to improve sales and the bottom line.

MOTO and Recurring Billing

All merchants receive a complimentary MOTO terminal with their gateway system. This is a browser-based interface that provides merchants with the functionality and connectivity to manually process credit card payments.

With the MOTO terminal, Merchants can accept credit card payments from any computer worldwide with an active internet connection. This interface provides real-time processing and payment approval, and ensures all credit card payments submitted are fraud-checked and authorized by the advanced fraud prevention systems.

With Paymundo's recurring billing services, Merchants can sell more products online, to more customers. By offering recurring billing, Merchants can provide subscription products and services with the ease of once-off sales. Recurring billing can also be used to establish installment plans for products.

Offshore Web Hosting

We can assist Merchants who want to move their web and/or server and/or support connections offshore. We have secure facilities available for all levels of volume and requirements.

Offshore Structuring

Through experienced affiliates, we offer formation, incorporation and structuring services in many countries and regions. For asset protection, for privacy and for international business operations.

It is important to note that Banks require each Merchant to have a company in same local country / region. We can also assist in this formation.

Keywords: Processing Solutions