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By: Paxton Allewell  09-12-2011

My search for a long lost camp girl

Me at Camp Circa 1990

When I was growing up I went to camp called ‘Circle Square Ranch’ near Kingston, Ontario. I have fond memories of that camp – having the comfort and support of my sister working as a camp counselor; horseback riding; archery; swimming; camp songs; dinner table chants; and a girl named Sierra.

Watching the movie ‘Little Manhattan’ the other night reminded me of my old childhood crushes and a girl I met many years ago at camp. I don’t remember much about her, but I’ll never forget her majestic name – Sierra.

One year (probably my last as I think I was just entering Grade 6) there was a night where we were somehow allowed to bring a “date” to a special dinner. I remember Sierra said she wanted to go with me. I remember her having blond hair and being very beautiful, and I remember being so excited that she chose me and I couldn’t wait until that night! Only problem was that when I went over to get her she had gotten seriously sick and couldn’t go. I remember being so disappointed.

When I came back to school that year I remember telling my buddies a whole story about how we kissed. Unfortunately it was a lie, but it was what I really wanted and was almost true.

Yesterday I decided to do an online search for Sierra on facebook. I’m currently single so what’s it hurt to search for a long lost camp girl, right? But having no last name makes it even more challenging. I found three Sierras in particular who fit the profile (age, hair colour etc.) and messaged them saying this:

hi Sierra,

you probably don’t know me, but i’m looking for a beautiful girl named sierra who went to circle square ranch near kingston, ontario in about 1993 and not only do you have the right name, you kind of look like her… just a shot in the dark. sorry to bother you if it’s not you

Happy new year,


I figured I had nothing to loose and at the very least I could pay a compliment to the girl I messaged, and give her hope (if she needed it) that there are Princes still searching for their Princesses.

How cool and fun would it be to actually contact the right Sierra! The chances are very slim, but at least I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing I tried. Do you have someone who comes to mind that you might want to contact/find again? I’d say go for it – especially if you’re single.

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