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By: Pawsitive Hands 2 Hooves  09-12-2011
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Those of us who have had a massage know how great we feel after.  Horses and Dogs receive the same benefits as we do!  


Increased muscle  efficiency

*  Increases range of motion

*  Decreases muscle spasms

*  Decreased recovery time for fatigued muscles

* Can help to increase muscle tone

*  Relaxes and stimulates muscles to relieve soreness, tension, stiffness and weakness

*  Mobilizes soft tissue

Cardiovascular System:

* Decrease in blood pressure

* Decrease in heart rate

* As a reflex to massage vasodilation occurs to the veins and arteries.

* Blood Flow of the arterial and arteriolar is increased

Nervous System:

*  Relieves Pain and stimulates motor nerves

*  Improves Proprioception

Integumentary System:

*  Improves tone and elasticity of skin

*   Assists normal glandular function

*  Improves quality of coat/Fur

Massage also helps aid in digestion, respiration, lymphatic system and elimination, and Skeletal system.


  • Saddle Fitting

    Sometimes back pain for either you or your horse, could be due to an improperly fitted saddle.  Let me help you and your horse enjoy the ride.  Contact me to arrange a saddle fitting appointment at your convenience.

  • 3 Categories of Canine Massage :

    Maintenance massage: The intent of this type of massage is to help a healthy animal stay at a specific work level for as long as possible and as safely as possible.  Many of my rehab and performance massage clients will progress to this type of a massage.  A typical maintenance massage program would be 1-2 treatments per month.

    Performance Massage: This type of massage is used on a dog who is raising it's level of fitness or work (i.e., training or competition).  The intent of this massage is to optimize the dogs current performance while assisting the dog in reaching the next level of proficiency required for it. Typical performance massage program would include 3-4 massages per month or as dictated by a competition schedule.

    Rehabilitation Massage: This type of massage is directed to the canine who is suffering from a recent illness or injury or in a debilitated state.  The intent is to aid the body in reaching a state of physical equilibrium  that will facilitate natural healing or will compliment a treatment program initiated by a veterinarian.  It can also be used to relieve boredom and tension for an animal on restricted rest or confinement.  The treatment plan should be discussed with the veterinarian to ensure optimal recovery.  There is no typical massage program, each patients case is handled differently.

    Massage is there to aid in the recovery not to replace a cure.  It is not designed to treat, diagnose or prognose an illness or injury. It is out of the scope of the animal massage practitioner to attempt to treat or diagnose a condition.

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