By: Paul Lawrence Vann  09-12-2011

Keynote Motivational Speaker Paul Lawrence Vann delivers a high energy message to organizations to empower them to maximize their huma potential and improve their bottom line

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                                           Living on Higher Ground

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You can have goals and you can have greatness, this is the story of having both. From his boyhood beginnings in rural North Carolina to his commission in the United States Air Force and his rise to the Pentagon, author Paul Lawrence Vann ahows us a clear path to success we can each follow. This inspiring story of close family ties, clear thinking, challenges, losses, friendships, and faith, shows you how to explore the terrain of your own greatest potential on any life path.

Learn how you can:

  • See beyond your current circumstances
  • Recognize the defining moments in your life
  • Make every decision count
  • Build a legacy of friendship wherever you go
  • Believe in something greater than yourself--and serve it

This book includes 26 quick-step action plans for living with passion and purpose in your life.


Empowerment Audio products

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Paul and five empowerment experts compiled this series to position people to live with passion, motivation and joy, no matter the challenges they face. Experts Include: Dino Herbert who discusses how to move beyond your current circumstances and recognize the defining moments in your life. Daphne Clarke-Hudson shares insight on making every decision count and living with purpose. Cathy Holloway Hill provides strategies for building a legacy of friendship wherever you go and expertise on emotional bailouts. Bill McCloud shares insight on how setbacks create comebacks. Jewel Diamond Taylor discusses having the right mindset to enhance your self esteem and for people to never give up.  


From Impossible to Possible Is A Quest

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Paul Lawrence Vann leads the amazing "Its Possible" empowerment series. It centers on the reality we are spirits having a human experience. Its Possible is a dynamic empowerment program that creates a paradigm shift in our habits and ultimately in our lifestyle. Paul along with Carole Mullins, Jan Malloch     and Almon Gunter share how one transcends from impossible to possible, all the while understanding its a quest. Carole Mullins discusses gaining insight on our spirit man and seeing obstacles as opportunities. Jan Malloch     shares insight on having a positive attitude and to discover your strengths and live the life you deserve. Jan shares 11 essentials to live the life you deserve. Almon Gunter discusses how to focus and win the game of life.


From Impossible to Possible Is A Quest - Bonus Session

If you don't believe in yourself, likelihood is you won't achieve success. Its Possible is a bonus session facilitated by empowerment expert Paul Lawrence Vann and guest hosts: Carole Mullins, Jan Malloch     and Almon Gunter. Guest hosts shared strategies, tools and techniques people can incorporate in their life to transcend from impossible to possible. This bonus session is an amazing compilation of what's possible in life as long as you have the faith, courage and determination to go after your dreams and achieve them.

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