Services and Client Care for Oil and Gas Well Testing Data Management

By: Pastools  09-12-2011
Keywords: Test Data

Integration & Data Migration

PasTools provides the Pas Integration Library that converts raw test data into a structured hierarchy of related elements. Library lookups convert all regulator codes into their descriptive equivalent values. PasImporter can be used to import your pressure data set, forming the starting point for integrations with complimentary systems.

If you have an existing set of pressure and deliverability data, we can migrate these desperate collections into the unified, consistent and full-coverage PasTools data model.

Implementation & Training

Every organization has their own version of the well lifecycle. We'll work with you to implement PasTools at the right place in your process. This includes:

  • Identifying current and potential sources of pressure data
  • Integrating test data with other data systems
  • Using pressure test data to guide decision making
  • Fulfilling obligations to partners, regulators and key stakeholders

Keywords: Test Data