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By: Parexel Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Clinical Trial

Whether you need to implement an enterprise portal solution, achieve real-time integration across different systems or implement complex adaptive trials, Perceptive delivers the right solutions for you. Bringing together the exceptional breadth of products, proven clinical and technology expertise, and cutting-edge innovation, Perceptive is able to provide leading solutions for all your clinical technology requirements. Perceptive’s solutions are underpinned by robust infrastructure, assuring you of total quality and reliability. Furthermore, sophisticated integration is proactively built into each of our products to ensure your systems work together synergistically.

With a proven track record of delivering leading-edge solutions for thousands of clinical trials across every therapeutic area, Perceptive possesses a deep knowledge of the design, implementation and validation of clinical trial applications. Working in close collaboration with client teams, Perceptive’s experts provide best practice consulting throughout the entire project to ensure our solutions are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Solutions offered by Perceptive Informatics include:

eClinical Suite

At Perceptive, we define eClinical as multiple technology solutions working together to create integrated process-driven solutions. By making our solutions work together in a way that optimizes user workflow, Perceptive is able to make eClinical a reality for today’s clinical trials and bring increased value to the drug development process.

The eClinical Suite from Perceptive is the unique combination of Perceptive’s leading products and services: Perceptive Portal™, DataLabs® EDC, ClinPhone® RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management), IMPACT® CTMS , ePRO and Medical Imaging. The combination of these products yields increased value and utility because we have continually invested in each product with a view to delivering ever closer integration and interoperability.

Combined EDC-RTSM

Perceptive is blurring the boundaries of clinical trial technologies by enabling convergence between our leading DataLabs EDC and ClinPhone RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply) solutions. This advanced functionality is a radical shift in the way clinical technologies can be used together to streamline workflow for users when utilizing both solutions. It allows users to perform randomization and dispensation activities directly from the DataLabs solution.

Perceptive Portal

Perceptive Portal is a powerful enterprise portal solution that provides trial communities with a secure, central place to access essential study documentation, training materials and announcements, including a document collaboration area for defined users to develop study-related materials. Its powerful reporting engine displays valuable consolidated trial metrics, providing a consistent “single view” of study performance using data drawn from multiple sources.

Integration Services

Perceptive’s Clinical Technology Integration Platform (CTIP) is a powerful solution designed to ensure seamless, automated exchange of data across different systems. Built on proven middleware to support two-way real-time data interchange, Perceptive’s CTIP enables diverse clinical trial applications to work together synergistically. Delivered by Perceptive’s seasoned team of integration experts, powered by our CTIP technology, Perceptive can help ensure you realize the full benefits of powerful integrations.

Clinical Adjudication

The Perceptive Virtual Panel System (VPS) is a web-based application that combines the functionality of a document repository with electronic data capture. Perceptive’s VPS facilitates an automated independent event review process, including efficient dossier management and event adjudication throughout.

Adaptive Trials

Perceptive is one of the leading providers of key technology components to support adaptive trials, integrating EDC, ePRO, IVR, supplies simulation and forecasting. Perceptive provides expert consulting on supplies planning and optimal technology implementation for adaptive trials.

Keywords: Clinical Trial