By: Parcel Recovery  09-12-2011

Guaranteed Service Refunds

If you're using UPS, FedEx or DHL and not tracking your packages for service failures you are leaving money on the table.

All of these carriers have offered guaranteed on-time services for years.  However, tracking large numbers of packages and submitting claims is a cumbersome task and typically not worth the time involved, until now.

By partnering with Parcel Recovery you can recovery you can get your refunds. Best of all, we only charge a percent of the actual savings. If we do not reduce your freight costs we don't charge a fee. 

Manifest Credits

As part of our service we audit for manifest credits.    If a package is not voided from the shipping system before the electronic manifest is sent to the carrier you are charged for a package that never actually ships.   Our customers receive credits for these billing errors.

Rate analysis and consulting

For years parcel carriers have used a 'take it or leave it' approach to pricing and contracts.  Now we are helping shippers level the playing field and negotiating pricing in their favor.    By using our industry experience and profitability-based modeling we are helping customers achieve pricing they never thought possible.

Service Reports

The information we provide can be as valuable as the refunds.  By knowing your shipping practices and package characteristics you have the information to reduce your rates and improve your bottom line.  Custom reports can include carrier performance, packages without Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.), residential deliveries, time in transit, manifest errors, etc.