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Switch Lock

The Paravion Switch Lock is designed to prevent unauthorized access to aircraft in accordance with new U.S. Forest Service and Office of Aircraft Services contracts. The Switch Lock can be installed in any circuit deemed to meet the new lockout requirements.

During installation, the 4-number combination is set and can not be reset without completely uninstalling the box, preventing unauthorized combination changes. The use of a combination lock also eliminates the annoyance of lost keys, particularly when operating in the field. The housing is made of aluminum and weighs approximately 0.6 lbs. The Switch Lock requires a field approval for installation.

Part Number Description
SW-100-1 Switch Lock (includes switch)

Note: The Paravion Switch Lock is not FAA/STC approved nor is it produced under a PMA. Not approved for use in FAA type certificated aircraft.

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Keywords: Aircraft, Registered Trademarks

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