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By: Parature  09-12-2011

Parature Product™ lets you provide the most personalized support based on the specific products your customers have purchased.

Automatically filter the content each customer sees on your support portal based on their specific product purchases. Customers can easily register, view and track product details online, anytime, for every product they've purchased.

Easy Product Tracking

Create any number of configurable fields to track important product information such as cost, delivery dates and maintenance data. Link support tickets with products so you can see exactly which product lines are requiring the most and the least amount of support.

Every support representative has instant access to all customer product information – by customer, account or product.

Streamline Online Product Registration

Allow customers to register their products online. Then, set up your system to assign an SLA automatically, and customize the content on your support portal accordingly.

Your customers see just the support information pertinent to their products(s), and you ensure customers are making service requests based on their actual product ownership and SLA.

Create Valuable Product Catalogs

Classifying a wealth of product information in one central spot is helpful for many departments across an organization. Create a master list of all products and services sold. Use customized folders to organize the information in whatever way is most meaningful for you.

"Using Parature Product, we're able to accurately track products for specific accounts and contacts so we never have to question 'Did they pay for that?'" Civic Systems

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Customer Service Software by Parature

Parature Customer Service™ software integrates a customer,,, and a host of additional complementary modules in one dynamic, unified system that provides organizations with a comprehensive, way to meet the growing expectations of their customers.


Customer Service Software - Parature Implementation Services

We'll work with you to provide a thorough overview and complete the setup of Parature features based on your precise use case and requirements. We'll determine how to best configure Parature's rich features and functionality to meet your unique use case and business priorities. With the Parature SaaS advantage, there's no software to download, no need to hire consultants, no extra hardware to buy.


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As a SaaS provider, we deliver our product suite over the Internet using a secure, scalable application and system architecture that requires no software downloads or IT help. Parature Customer Service™ software integrates the customer portal, knowledgebase and ticketing in one dynamic, tightly unified system that manages all your support needs.