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By: Parallax Infotech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Website Design, Software Development Services, Macro Development

Parallax Infotech provides our customers with software development services in the following areas:

custom application development

Have a business task that you wish you could automate? Let Parallax Infotech show you how a custom-built application can save you time and money by speeding up repetitive tasks and eliminating human error.

  • Visual Basic / Visual Basic.NET
  • C++ / C++.NET

website design

A well-designed website can help you create and nurture relationships with your customers. Parallax Infotech can design and build your website, whether you want a simple static page or a dynamic, database-driven site.

  • HTML / Javascript
  • PHP

custom macro development

Often, a customer's needs can be met with a specialized macro. Usually these macros are written for Microsoft© Office applications in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). We have extensive experience developing these macros, and specialize in developing macros for Agilent© ChemStation.

  • Microsoft© VBA macros
  • Agilent© ChemStation macros

database development

An application/website becomes a truly powerful tool once connected to a database. You can use a database to store visitor information, inventory, mailing lists, purchase information, order logs, bookkeeping information, reports, pricing, account information, and more.

  • Microsoft© SQL 7.0/2000/2005
  • Microsoft© Access
  • mySQL

Keywords: Custom Macro, Macro Development, Software Development Services, Website Design,