Paragon Chemical Technologies - gibberellicacid

By: Paragon Chemicals  09-12-2011

Our plant has production capabilities of 50 - 80 metric tons per year.  We provide 90% and 95% powders, and various conveniently sized water soluble tablets.

We can work with you to get the product registered in your country.  Our material is exported throughout the world.

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Paragon Chemical Technologies - coatingandadditives

We conduct on-site audits and make sure that the supply chain is correctly handled. We work with one plant to provide the following products to customers. All of these are available in multi 10s of metric tons. We have several products in the coatings arena.


Paragon Chemical Technologies - currentprojects

Multi step animal health API (cGMP, development to kg scale. Aromatic bromination chemistry (multi mt; fine chemicals). Complex disubstituted aniline (multi mt; pharma. Aryl isothiocyanates (scaling up to 10 kg.