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By: Paradyme  09-12-2011

Here at Paradyme, we understand that product support and services are critical to your satisfaction. There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem connecting your new television, programming your audio system or enjoying your brand new entertainment system. One major frustration we see time and time again from consumers are those who brought their TV at a warehouse clubs or “Big Box” store and then are left to figure it out for themselves with no support or help from the very people they bought it from. The choices are: return the product, exchange the product, or call the manufacturer when all people want are to enjoy what they just purchased.

This will never happen at Paradyme. Never. From the beginning our business model has been to maintain the right balance for competitive prices and outstanding customer service. With over 30 years of experience our people are industry veterans with deep institutional knowledge that can get answers quickly to your issues.  Our people are not young kids or temporary workers as is the case with our competitors. We invest in our learning resources and facility to provide the services you need.

We will always give our customers outstanding personal service. In fact we often receive calls from consumers who are very frustrated because they couldn’t get their problems answered from the “Big Box” or Warehouse stores.  A problem can be greatly magnified when the issue is part of a system where components are interconnected as part of a larger overall system….which is frequently the case.

Come into a Paradyme and see why at Paradyme “Good enough isn’t good enough”.

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