By: Papyrus Inc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pulp and Paper, Paper Industry, Operating Floor

Papyrus Inc. - Solving paper quality and design problems related to headbox,press and dryer sections,refining and stock preperation in the paper industry.

PAPYRUS PAPYRUS INC. was founded in 1982. Its mission to the pulp and paper industry is applying scientific principles for solving serious papermaking problems and translating the scientific knowledge to the practical level at the operating floor.PAPYRUS motto is characterized by:SCIENTIFIC PAPERMAKING PRACTICE WITH NO OR MINIMUM CAPITAL INVESTMENTIt is therefore considered the highest return on investment in an industry which is known by intensive capital spending.This is a firm conclusion as a result of PAPYRUS'S and it's involvement in more than 650 machines in more than 550 companies around the world.This is also a defiance of the popular assumption in the pulp and paper industry that small causes produce small results which was found to be not universally true.For example, it has not been unusual to discover in many cases that a micron of theory, well applied, will yield a mega-buck of benefit.Realizing the impact of this strategy to the operation's economy, PAPYRUS since its inception attempted to enlighten the paper industry of these hidden potentials through its universal "PAPYRUS Activity Reports" publications and through published articles in trade
magazines, professional seminars and presentations.PAPYRUS acquires based on scientific principles and high level research materials. This permits the analysis and optimization of any given section of the papermachine to be done quickly, accurately, elaborately and most important translating that knowledge to the practical level at the operating floor. Thus the trial and error approach which sometimes is practiced in certain sections of the papermachine is avoided.It is our experience that the degree of improvement which might be expected as a result of PAPYRUS'S services depends on how far a given section of the papermachine departs from PAPYRUS'S ideal conditions.

Keywords: Operating Floor, Paper Industry, Pulp and Paper,