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Special DVD release
of Webinar 16
The Truth Behind Our Spiritual Revolution

Sheldan will explain how we
can come through these
troubled times as
Mother Earth's changes
intensify and the global
political situation unfolds.

Topics Include:
• The Galactic Federation's
Role Redefined
• Ascended Masters and
our Spiritual Destiny
• Ascended Masters in Action:
St. Germain, Buddha, Hilarion,
Paul the Venetian
• Piecing Together the Puzzle
• Our Role in Earth's Spiritual Revolution

DV-730 (1.5 hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

Special DVD release
of Webinar 17

Connecting Ascension
and Inner Earth

Sheldan discusses
Ascension and explains
why it needs to be

Topics Include:
• How Ascension is Affecting Us Now
• Revisiting the Light Chambers
• The Ascension Process in Detail
• Inner Earth: A New Perspective
• A Fresh Look at the Crystal Cities
• Bringing it All Together

DV-731 (1.5 hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Endless Sea of Energy

“By learning to harness the beneficial frequencies of
zero point energy, we can create a better world.”

Topics Include:
• History • Practical Uses
• Tools & Devices • Definitions
• What is Zero Point Energy?
• Zero Point Energy Portals
• Time in the Field
• 2012 • Power of Intention
• Human Potential
• Zero Point Energy & Physics

DV-728 (1.8 hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Special Edition 1 Webinar
Shifitng Gaia &Humanity
2-disc DVD set

Discussion Topics
• Shifting our Physical Reality
• Restoring Lemuria and Atlantis
• Gaia's Transformation:
Water, Land and Sky
• Gaia's New Geomagnetics
and Gravity Fields
• Activating our Light Bodies:
New Chakras & Colors,
Meridians, Nervous Systems, DNA
• Playing Out the Geopolitical and Financial Scenarios
• Galactic Federation's Role in our Consciousness Shift
• First Contact: The Event that
Changes Everything
• Defining our New Reality
• Tying it All Together!

DV-72 9 (4 hr. DVD)
$34.95 U.S. plus S&H

Back to Being
Galactic Humans

Get ready to become a
Galactic Human

Discover how
metamorphosis chambers
will transform us into
Galactic Humans.

Topics Include:
• Meet the First Contact Team
• Reunite with the Agarthans:
People of Inner Earth
• Daily Life and Culture in Inner Earth
• Visit a Galactic Federation
Command Base
• Your Transition After First Contact
• Prepare for Your Migration
to Inner Earth
• Your Personal
Metamorphosis Chamber
• Galactic Humans in Training
• Hello Galactic Neighbors!

DV-726 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Meet Your First
Contact Team

Who will be the first to greet
us when the landings come?

A Compelling DVD
Videotaped Live in L.A.
November 8, 2009

Topics Include:
• The Lyrans [Shama’an]
Diplomats ~ Mediators
• The Centaurians [Zamaya]
Administrators Organizers ~ Analytical
• The Pleiadeans [Shala’am]
Galactic historians
Environmental scientists
• The Sirians [Selamat Ja!] Spiritual
healers Service oriented ~ Exploring joy
• The Herculeans [Selama’at Jara!]
Psychologists Fluid Group
Dynamic Experts
• The Andromedans [Acharaya]
Scientific innovators
Most diverse culture

DV-727 (2-disc set: 203 min.)
$34.95 U.S. plus S&H

Restoring Sanity
to Our World Has Our World Gone Mad? Find out how we can
regain our sanity and
shift to a new reality

Topics Include:
• Our World Gone Mad
• How We Got Here • Masters & Slaves
• Declaring Our Freedom
• St. Germain’s Plan
• The Beacon of Light • War or Peace
• The Dark vs The Light
• Consciousness: The Lost Key
• Our Divine Calling
• First Contact: A Way to Sanity

DV-723 (118 min. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Journey to Joy Learn Why Joy is the Key
to Unlocking the Secrets
of the Universe

Topics Include:
• In the Beginning
• How the Universe Was Created
• Making A Planet
• Our Transforming Solar System
• Planets Are Hollow
• Earth’s Destiny
• Fifth Dimensional Inner Earth
• The Greater Divine Plan
• Our Galaxy
• The Stewards of Earth
• Back to Joy

DV-725 (118 min. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

S irian Mothership Sheldan Nidle Takes You on a Personalized Tour

Beam Aboard for the
Trip of a Lifetime

Tour Highlights:
• Up and Away • The Wonders Begin
• Walking Through the Valleys of Magic
• Living the Dream
• Adrift in the Cosmic Garage
• Music and Joy Like Never Imagined
• A Land of Food and Abundance
•The Wonders of their Science
• Partaking of their Knowledge
•Time to Bid Adieu

DV-722 (118 min. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Inner Earth Your
Future Home

Sheldan's new Inner Earth DVD
brings everything into focus
about our galactic future,
explaining what will happen to
us, our family, friends, pets
and treasured possessions.

Topics Include:
• Restoring the Earth • Earth Today
• Hidden Portals • ET Origins
• Inner Earth • Agartha
• Inside Crystal Cities
• Typical Residence • Shamballah
• Metamorphosis Chambers
• Your Transition

DV-720 (93 min. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Landings 101

What you need to know
to prepare you for
the landings..

Did you know that ..
.. the landings will be like
a divine vision .. ships have
holographic windows
.. the ships will appear
all at once

Topics Include:
• Pre-Landing Scenarios
• Opening Announcements
• Landing Logistics
• Your Role in the First
Contact Operation
• Giving You Galactic
Federation Technology
• Trips to the Ships
• The Ummac Dan Explained
•Introducing The Galactic Federation

DV-719 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Mission Possible:

Sheldan NIdle explains
what our true roles
and missions will be
before, during and
after the landings

Topics Include:
• How to Prepare for First Contact
• Working with the Consciousness Shift
• How We Make the Transition
into the New Reality
• Our Roles in the Transition
• The Purpose of Star-Seeds
• Our Life in a Post-First Contact World
• Our Missions in the New Reality
• End the Fear and Spread the Joy!

DV-718 (93 min. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Shifts are Coming..
Are You Ready?

What major events will change our civilization forever?
What are the choices
and who has the power
to make them?

Topics Include:
• The Great Reality Shift
• A Shift in Consciousness
• The Shift in our Physical Reality
• The Shift in Mother Earth
• A Watershed in our History
• The Geopolitical Elements
• Playing out the Geopolitical & Consciousness Scenarios
• Earth Changes
• Defining the New Reality
• Our New Conscious Selves

DV-716 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Living in a Galactic World

Explore what awaits
all humanity before this
decade's end.

Topics Include:
• Extraordinary Events Under Way
Leading Up to First Contact
• Purpose of NESARA
• Life in a Post-NESARA World
• Star-Seeds: Purposes and Tasks
• Our Reunion with Inner Earth
• New First Contact Sequence of Events
• Our Transition to a Galactic World

DV-713 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Truth About
Right Now! Part 1

In Consultation with
the Galactic Federation,
Sheldan Exposes the
Real Neo-Con Agenda:
How Did the World get to
this Critical Point?

Topics Include:
• The Neo-Con Agenda
• Links to the Corportate Media Machine
• The Continuing UFO Cover-up
• Creating the New Terrorists
• Constructing the Conspiracy
• Raiding the Treasury
• Escalating the Wars
• Tying it All Together
• Enter the Galactic Federation

DV-714 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Truth About
Right Now! Part 2
What’s Actually Going On in Our World Right Now?
What Are Our Earth Allies Doing About It?
How is the Galactic Federation Supporting Them?

Topics Include:
• Deconstructing the Conspiracy
• Stopping the Neo-Cons'
Global Oil Wars
• The International Monetary War
• Bringing the Global Coalition Together
• What are the Earth Allies Doing?
• What is "Decra Zau"?
• The New First Contact Scenario
• Creating the New Gov't.
• The Immediate Agenda

DV-715 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Humanity’s Future: Galactic Contact and N.E.S.A.R.A.

Hear the good news about
the Galactic Federation’s
latest plans for the new
Mother Earth and
her inhabitants.

Topics Include:
• Reasons for ‘Quiet Revolution’
• The Truth behind 9/11
• The Hidden Government Monies
• The Program for this ‘Quiet
Revolution’• N.E.S.A.R.A.
• Making it Happen • First Contact and
Our Earth Allies
• The Latest Scenarios
• Timing the Announcement
• Humanity’s Future
• Immediate Objectives
• The New Mother Earth
• What These Beings Want from Us
• Message to Abductees of Greys

DV-711 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Shifting the Planet

From the Knights Templar
in the 11th Century to the
'Knights of the Light' in the
21st Century, Sheldan traces
their collective efforts to free
us fromglobal deception,
social inequality and public
debt so that we may build a
new and fully-conscious
civilization. Discover the truth
behind today's headlines.

Topics Include:
• History of Galactic-Earthly Allies
• St. Germaine & World Trust
• America & the USA Corporation
• The Farm Claims
• The Purpose of NESARA
• Anunnaki & Anchara Involvement

DV-709 (1hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever wondered
where you came from?

The Mystery is revealed!

Topics Include:
• LEMURIA - the Motherland of Mu-
Civilization, Timeline, Destruction,
Geology, and Legacy
Reasons, Timeline, Destinations
in the Americas and the Pacific,
Archaeological evidence on
Nan Midol and Tonga
• Creating a New Pre-History DV-717 (2hr. DVD)
$26.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Tibet Egypt
Lemuria Connection

Dark and secret pathways that have linked Tibet, Egypt
and Lemuria for many thousands of years.
Discover startling information about Earth's true history.

Topics Include:
• Earth: a 12-faceted crystal
• Pre-Cetacean Civilizations
• The Annunaki and
genetic experiments
• The Ionians and the
Mid-Atlantean Empire
• Pyramid of Giza is
the Prime Divider, not London
• Tibetans and their Mongolian ties
• Divine Portals: 12 sacred
points on Earth
• Remnants of Lemuria in Hawaii

DV-708 (2hr. DVD)
DVD $26.95 U.S. plus S&H

Galactic Federation Ships
Part 1

Topics Include:
• Background: Galactic Federation ships
• Ships of the First Contact Fleet
• How Ships Cloak
• Motherships: Pleiadean,
Sirian, Arcturian
• Inside a Sirian Mothership
• Transfer of Technology to Earth
• Scout Ships: Pleiadean, Sirian,
Andromedan, Orion & Arcturian
• Propulsion System Explained

DV-704 (1hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

Galactic Federation Ships
Part 2

Topics Include:
• How ships can affect our reality
• Differences between sentient and non-
sentient ships • What is Anchara?
• The Treaty of Anchara: why
the Galactic wars ended
• What the Beings from the Anchara
Alliance want from us
• Ships of the Anchara Alliance:
Mintakan; Zeta Reticuli; Eridani; Altarian
• Message to people
abducted by the Greys
• Differences between Sirian
Defense ships and Anchara
Alliance Defense Ship
• Differences between Galactic
Federation and Anchara Alliance ships

DV-706 (1hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

The Conscious

Topics Include:
• How Realities Occur
• The Geometry of Creation
• What is Consciousness?
• Inter-dimensional Calculus
• Our Three-Dimensional Reality
• Creating a Spiritual Science
• Manifesting a New Reality
• A Living Creation

DV-703 (1hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

Consciousness, Heaven,
and Physicality"

Topics Include:
• The Consciousness
Universe-a definition
• The Structuring of Heaven
• The 'Real' Illusion Called Physicality
• Humanity As Mother Earth's
Physical Angels
• Reasons For Divine Intervention
• Expanding Earth Into Heaven
• Our New 'Golden Age' Reality
• Humanity's Ascension:
A Heavenly Agenda

DV-701 (1hr. DVD)
$19.95 U.S. plus S&H

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