360-Degree Feedback: Comparative Data Strengthens Reports

By: Panoramic Feedback  09-12-2011

Reports with comparative data support the pursuit of excellence. Individuals see their performance in the context of other meaningful results.

Our optional full-page Gap report enriches the learning, by showing participants their most positive and negative skills relative to the comparatives.

Choose the comparison that fits your organization best:

1. The rest of the group

Shows the individual's numerical results in comparison with the entire group.

Yellow square and "GRP" column identify the group's average.

In this example:

  • The individual's ratings (blue bar) were higher than the group's.
  • But the individual's manager (yellow) provided a lower rating.
  • Suggests development goal: improved communication with the manager.
2. Percentiles of successful members of the group

Provides a comparison with most capable colleagues (e.g. 90th percentile).

In this example:

  • Yellow square and "90P" column show how results for the 90th percentile compare with the individual's ratings.
  • Suggests realistic "stretch goals".
  • Example shows option of comparison to average of responders only.

3. Progress Report: the Subject's previous 360

This report provides a comparison to ratings achieved by the individual in an earlier 360 Project.

The participant can see, for instance:

  • A comparison of the ratings at completion of a training course with the ratings prior to the course.
  • Or an improvement in most ratings since the last annual 360.

(Comparative reports available in Enterprise Edition only.)

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