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By: Panorama Woods  09-12-2011
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Kent Higgins, Indianola Fire Chief, and Claudia Jarrett, North Sanpete Commissioner, were our guest speakers at our spring meeting. 

Kent Higgins informed us of the new fire house.  Plans are for it to be started June 9th 2009 and finished November of 2009.  The Indianola Fire Department has 2 fire engines, 2 water tanks holding 1000 gallons each, and a small water truck.  There are 24 trained certified volunteer members, 14 certified wild land fire fighters and 5 certified structural fire fighters.  Response time 5- 7 minutes.  Fairview is contacted as first responder.

Fire pits:  A designated fire pit site should have a 20 foot clearing of grass, trees and brush.  A fire pit should be a dug out area surrounded be rocks or below ground level made out of culvert or pipe.  Never leave a fire unattended.  It is against the law to have a campfire during a burn ban.  Dry summer time is not the time to have a camp fire.

Claudia Jarrett informed us that Sanpete County cannot offer many services for our area as we are not an approved subdivision.  She did discuss the $ 127 assessment tax for the fire department. Remember this is a one time charge per lot. Claudia also provided information as to the proper departments within the county to report dumping, improper land use, etc.

It is illegal to dump anything in the Panorama Woods area. Our area is considered sensitive area.  Therefore if you intend to use your land for anything other than camping or a cabin you will need to apply for a sensitive lands condition of use permit with the Sanpete County Building Inspector.

Abandoned trailers will be removed by Sanpete County.  Report any dumping or abandoned items to the Sanpete County Department of Environmental Quality.

It is illegal to ride ATV'S Vehicles or any heavy machinery across, over or on the Questar pipeline.  There are two pipelines that run near each other. Questar has posted signs.  Please follow these restrictions.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: guest speakers

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