Panorama Woods | Important Gov Offices

By: Panorama Woods  09-12-2011

Indianola Irrigation  Secretary: Sheryl Tibbs          435-427-3723

Bryce Jackson                 Sanpete Weed Control Board             435-427-3749 Reed Hatch                      Sanpete County Recorder                    435-835-2181 Tracy Christiansen           Building Permits & Inspections            435-835-2113 Kent Higgins                     Indianola Fire Chief                               435-427-3282 Claudia Jarrett                  Sanpete County Commissioner          435-462-2773

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Panorama Woods | Meeting Minutes

Kent Higgins, Indianola Fire Chief, and Claudia Jarrett, North Sanpete Commissioner, were our guest speakers at our spring meeting. There are 24 trained certified volunteer members, 14 certified wild land fire fighters and 5 certified structural fire fighters. The Indianola Fire Department has 2 fire engines, 2 water tanks holding 1000 gallons each, and a small water truck.


Panorama Woods | Gravel & Road Base 2009

Price includes delivery and spreading. 10 yard truck equals approx. Gravel & Road Base 2010.


Panorama Woods | Events

I welcome Spring, the smell, the beauty and a lot of time to relax out of the city.At the Fall Meeting we went over the water share clarification: minimum for recreational properties is 1/4 acre foot of water. One raffle ticket will be given to each land owner and if you pay your dues on or before the day of the meeting you will receive two extra raffle tickets.