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By: Palmloyal  09-12-2011

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We created this site because we noticed that a lot of Palm users were using their Palm device simply as an electronic organizer. While it serves well in this capacity, the Palm device is much more. We wanted to create an online community that would offer valuable information that would allow you to make intelligent decisions towards the purchase of or use of your Palm device. Our Vision here at PalmLoyal is simple: "Provide the best Palm Resources to our members and visitors in a friendly community-based environment." Here at Palmloyal, we are constantly investigating new and exciting offers to make available to you. Thank you for considering or signing up and taking advantage of one the many services that offers. You have all signed up for many different reasons, and we appreciate your support.

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Palmloyal Logo Gear now offers FREE email accounts for Palm Enthusiasts. If you need an email account that offers freedom and power to manage your communications, get one today. Is your current email address a SPAM magnet? Get a fresh start. Our web-based services are: free, permanent, globally accessible, private, SPAM-Free, versatile and offers 6MB of storage space. Need more reasons why you may need a new email address? . You can login to your email account from our site at or at . In the unlikely event that our site is down, email is always reachable from .

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We know that you can't find everything you need here at our site (no matter how hard we try). We have included the ability to search the entire site, plus the top four search engines: Google, Altavista, Web Crawler, and FastSearch. You can go to the four search engines separately and perform a search or simply do it at one place: Just type your word or phase in the box at the top of the page and select "Web" and press GO. It is that simple. It appears that we will do anything to keep you here, you are right. We will make every effort to provide you with every Palm resource available on the web. The search box is located on the top and bottom of every page on our site. Enjoy your Palm device, this site and every other site that provides you with what you need to use your Palm device to its fullest.

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We are dedicated to providing you with the information you seek about your Palm device. We are open to new ideas and suggestions. We are interested in any idea that will empower you with Palm resources to improve your life, both personally and professionally. If you do not find what you are looking, simply ask and our trained researcher will track down the answer.

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The New Palm Smartphones: Whether the Palm OS ( or ) or the Windows Mobile () is your mobile cup of tea, Palm delivers the palm Treo 700. More memory, better camera and faster Internet speeds than what the fantastic Treo 650 (,,) provides.


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