Palm Trees of Steel - Products

By: Palm Trees Of Steel  09-12-2011

Coconut Lighting System

We have redesigned our coconut lighting systems. Offering a more realistic and playful look, the lights are available in large and small sizes to better complement our full range of palm trees. They are handmade and have a five-step finish for a more realistic look.

Hanging Monkey

To add more fun to your palms, we have designed a 6-lb. monkey to swing from your palms. Made for inside or outside use. He or she, whichever the case may be, will be the talk of all your friends.

Concrete Planter

For special applications, both indoors and out, we offer a choice of two planters bearing the distinctive Designer Palms logo. The first is our Barbados Concrete Planter which is ideal for patios and porches. Many of our customers buy pairs of them to put on either side of their front door.

Aluminum Planter

The second is our Key West Planter, a decorator's exclamation point. Made from polished aluminum, it is the perfect base for our copper and polished steel palm or any of our other contemporary palms. While the Barbados Concrete Planter may be used indoors or outdoors, the Key West Planter is for indoor use only.