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Our water features are fully functioning ecosystems that positively contribute to the environment and will provide years of enjoyment and relaxation. We use the best filtration systems available that will leave your water crystal clear and clean. Using natural rock, gravel, driftwood and extensive plantings, our ponds and waterfalls will look just as natural and majestic as Mother Nature's.

Today's water gardening is about enjoyment and relaxation - it's a lifestyle. This rewarding lifestyle is made possible by the low maintenance requirements. You will spend less time maintaining your water feature than it takes to mow the lawn. Ten to fifteen minutes of maintenance every two weeks is all that is needed to keep your water clear and clean.

We are Alberta's green industry leaders for our natural designs of ponds and waterfalls and offer a wide range of support and services for our customers:

Pond & Waterfall Design and Construction

· Ponds - We specialize in 11ft. by 16 ft. ponds but will build to any size. All ponds come complete with a waterfall at the edge of the pond. If you have the room, we'll set the waterfall back from the pond and build a stream to connect the waterfall to the pond.

· Wetland Filtration - Ideal for subdivisions, acreages and farms of any size where groundwater collects. We'll revive your stagnant body of water and turn it into a beautiful wetland with clean water, waterfalls and plenty of vegetation.

· Spring Clean-out’s
· Winterizing
· Season Maintenance Package
· Service Calls

General Contractor
· Help and advice for Do-It-Yourself projects
· Help and advice for professional landscapers
· Build A Pond In A Day Events

· Seminars for - Pond Construction, Pond Maintenance, Aquatic Plants
· Build A Pond In A Day Events
· Water Garden Tours
· Sponsor for “Wishing Well” water feature construction for various health care and senior centres

char·ac·ter (ker’ik ter) n. The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.

A good water feature will naturally have plenty of character. Character boulders and rocks with contrasting colors and shapes will ground the feature and offer a natural reason for cool, clear and fresh water cascading over the rocks. A good water feature will naturally look like it belongs and has stood the test of time. A good water feature will distinguish itself from others and will add character to everything associated with it (landscaping, house, property value, family lifestyle and wellness).

A poor water feature lacks character and will bring everything around it down (landscaping, house, property value, family lifestyle and wellness). It's easy to understand that if our senses are positively stimulated by the sights and sounds of clear, clean, moving water, that our senses are also negatively impacted when the water is dirty and is either stagnant or moving unnaturally. Judging by the amount of poor water features we saw last year, they outnumber character water features by 4 to 1. Why are there so many poor water features? Well, mainly because landscapers are stepping outside their area of expertise and building water features as part of an overall landscaping package when they should be passing off the waterscape portion to professional pond builders.

We had the opportunity this past summer to build a water feature on the same block as a landscaper that had built four ponds the previous year and was working on two new ponds. Not one of the water features was operating during our duration and on subsequent returns to the subdivision. On close inspection of our competitors work, their focus is on painted gravel and dreary shale in symmetrical shapes and installing the cheapest and most ineffective filtration system available. We watched a foreman and his crew painstakingly, day-after-day, do a pebble mosaic family crest in a circular pond covered in charcoal shards of shale which was bordered with gravel painted white. The idea we were told was once the lighting and water was added, the family crest would illuminate for all to see. Good luck with that! I'm sure the owner's character won't be negatively impacted when algae quickly covers the family crest on the bottom of the poorly filtered, unnaturally shaped pond.

Not all landscapes build bad water features and they certainly do not intend to build a water feature that the customer will not be pleased with. Where do the poor contractors go wrong? Well, they're just not thinking naturally. Close your eyes and think of pleasant water thoughts and we'll guarantee you that your thoughts did not include the sounds of toilets flushing and leaking faucets or the sights of dirty and stagnant water. The pleasant water thoughts for most of us would be of waterfalls, streams, bodies or currents of fresh water as found in nature.

Our water features mimic Mother Nature in all her splendor and efficiency. Our water features have purpose and character and enhance everything surrounding it. It doesn't matter if the property is already extensively landscaped or yet to be, our water features will tie together landscape and house. We won't build you a feature if the colors and textures must match the house exterior or present landscape. But we would love to build you a natural water feature that complements your house and property and more importantly complements your character and improves your health. Upon completion, it's not hard to imagine that your pondless waterfall or pond with waterfall and stream was always there and that you wisely decided to built a house and raise a family by it.

Packaged Ponds provides a combination of quality, value and service. Character. We've got it and we build it the natural way!

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Keywords: Landscaping, Pond, Water Feature, Water Features