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By: Pacific Power Source  09-12-2011
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Continuous Self Calibration

Provides for exceptional accuracy of the AC output Voltage. When enabled, accuracy improves to ±0.03% referenced to the power source internal voltmeter.

Programmable Dynamic Output Impedance (optional)

Programmable Output Impedance provides dynamic control over the output impedance of the AC Power Source. Using the output current term as conditioned feedback signal to the output voltage circuits, positive or negative impedance may be programmed. This control simulates the effects of or compensates for high peak current, distribution, or transformer losses of up to ±10% of the output voltage.

This feature creates positive, negative, or zero output impedance (Zo).

Waveform Library

Up to 99 different waveforms may be stored in the waveform library for execution as part of a steady state test program or for substitution in any output phase as part of a transient test program. Memory location #1 is a non-editable high resolution sine wave. Locations 2-16 are editable and may be substituted in any output phase. Locations 17-32 are factory stored, non editable waveforms that may be copied to 2-16 for edit and execution.

Waveform Edit

Provides the ability to modify a stored waveform by specifying the waveform amplitude desired at each specific phase angle. This method can quickly create spikes, dropouts, notches and other sub-cycle wave conditions. The resulting modified waveform can be stored for execution.

Waveform Analysis (optional)

Provides both a graphic and numeric display of the harmonic structure of a voltage or current waveform. The waveform is sampled at 512 samples per cycle using a 12 bit A/D converter. The resulting high fidelity waveform is analyzed for its harmonic structure up through the 51st harmonic. Data presented includes the magnitude of each harmonic in %, the total harmonic distortion, and the odd and even harmonic distortion in %. Displays Vrms, Irms, Ipk, Power, VA and PF.

Waveform Synthesis (optional)

Allows you to quickly create virtually any AC Test Waveform that may be required by building it out of harmonics. The process is as simple as keying in the harmonic multiple, the amplitude, and the phase angle for each desired harmonic up through the 51st. If desired, waveforms may also be created in the time domain by making entries from the front panel or by downloading from a host PC.

Time Based Transients

Provides the ability to create and execute on command, transients that occur linearly over a specified time segment to modify output voltage or frequency.

Cycle Based Transients

Create and execute on command, transients that substitute a selected waveform in the output for 1 to 100 cycles. The waveform being substituted can be selected and/or modified from the waveform library. Substitution is for an integer number of cycles, regardless of frequency.

Keywords: Front Panel, Harmonics

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