By: Pacific Crm  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, relationship management

The World of WordPress (WoW) is a Seattle based web design and web develop ment com pany (specializing in WordPress) that delivers exceptional commercial value. Our experienced web designers and web developers can add enormous value to your business success. Ranging from one-page static web page design to large database driven websites with ecommerce shopping solutions, including credit card acceptance, content management systems (CMS), online databases, and product catalogs, our website design and web development services cover all your business website requirements.

The key to WoW’s strategy is to create an environment whereby the customer is demanding the products and services of Your Business. To achieve this, a policy of Total Customer Relationship Management has to be implemented. Every potential customer has a choice of what products to buy and whom to buy it from. It is our job to persuade the customers that it’s in their best interest to buy from Your Business, across the board. Conventional marketing and advertising doesn’t work anymore. Too many companies offer what appear to be the same products and services and merely having an advertising shoot-out isn’t going to get into the heart and mind of the customer.

It takes a determined and persistent campaign of relationship building. The customer has to have confidence in the product, the service offered, the price and most importantly, he or she has to “want” to do business with you. Impersonal advertising doesn’t achieve this. Determined and persistent ‘relationship building’ does. That is the TRUE value of marketing.

We provide a complete solution regardless of your requirements including:

  • complete website design
  • customised web development
  • wikis
  • blogs
  • forums
  • chatrooms
  • podcasts
  • social media marketing and much more

WoW is your one-stop solution for professional, affordable and attractive websites that will increase your market exposure.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, relationship management