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By: Pacific Bladeware  09-12-2011

Official Issue - $135.00

The William Rodgers FS sterile (unmarked) all black �Official� Ministry of Defence (MoD) dagger is the only Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife in the world that is supplied under Government contract to the British Ministry of Defence and is listed as an inventory item with the NATO Procurement Division in Luxembourg. MoD specifications state that no issue FS knife shall be stamped with any identification marks. This is confirmed in the manufacturer�s official �Letter of Authenticity� which is supplied with this knife. Amongst other things, it provides the official MoD specs number E/1323E and the NATO stock No. 1095 99 963 2037. For those who appreciate authenticity, this is a real bonus.

The Fairbairn Sykes during WW2 became a legend and now, 67 years later, the legend lives on.


Manufactured in Sheffield, England from traditional �hand forged - hand ground� heat tempered hi-carbon steel. Finely balanced for throwing. Point of balance is approximately 1�1/32� (within 1/16� either way) from crossguard toward pommel nut. Overall length is 295mm. Ringed cast metal handle with 175mm diamond section double-edged blade. Steel crossguard. Non-reflective matt black oxide finish.

The MoD issue sheath with this knife is made from the very best �Bridle Leather� and the tip is protected by a black painted 20 SWG brass chape.

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