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By: Pacey's Pianos  09-12-2011
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Comprehensive Repairs

Pacey’s Pianos offers a full range of piano maintenance, service, and repair options. Our highly trained technicians come from around the world and have worked at some of the most prestigious factories.

Standard Tuning

Minute adjustments in the tension of the strings to properly align the intervals between notes. This makes sure that the C# doesn’t sound like D


Return your piano to perfect working order, restoring the touch and sound to its optimal consistency across all of the notes. It may involve adjusting a screw to replacing a pin or sanding wooden surfaces.


Where the hammer disengages the jack; essential to achieving pianissimo and to play powerful compositions.


the distance the hammers move after let-off.

Repetition Springs

for grand pianos it controls how quickly the hammer returns to its original position, stopping double strikes and allowing for rapid controls.

Key weight

the resistance found in each key when played.

Pitch Raise

If a piano has not been tuned in a long time, a year or more, it is often necessary to perform a pitch raise. All of the strings have to be retensioned which puts a great deal of stress on the frame of the piano. Once the strings have been brought to their proper tension levels, then the actual tuning can take place. In order to avoid having to perform a pitch raise, regular tunings of at least annually and ideally every 6 months or more, are recommended.


Return your piano’s hammers to equilibrium. As the hammers strike the strings, they compress and eventually groove. A technician can service the hammers by using a voicing need to “fluff” the heads to achieve uniformity across the tones. Hammers can be filed or replaced when they are damaged.

String replacement

As the name implies, strings are replaced when they become too old or corrode. Bass strings are particularly susceptible to wear and become “thuddy” from age. if a string breaks, it must be replaced before using the piano. Hammers hitting broken strings will cause significant damage.

Sticky keys

Usually caused by humidity changes, need of regulation, or spilled juice, though in no particular order. They are usually quite easy to fix and will allow you to play your piano again with all of the notes.

Caster wheels

Piano wheels are typically metal and do not roll very well, especially after several years in position. These will damage floors and are generally hard to move. Caster wheels make it convenient to move a piano to clean around it, for parties, or for renovations.

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