Pre-Fab Logo Stencils

By: Outdoorinventory  09-12-2011

Pre-Fab Logo Stencils are the same size and consistency of our Custom Logo Stencils. The difference is, we have a created a few pre-fab or pre-made stencils where the artwork is already completed, and we can offer a less expensive alternative to a custom stencil.  Please check back for more pre-fab stencils coming soon. 

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PowerWash Ads

Whether you have a start-up company or a nationally recognized brand, PowerWash Ad Campaigns will meet your needs. PowerWashStencils will furnish pricing for your stencil& campaign, and arrange to have your image applied. Using our patent pending PowerWash Stencils, we can execute a full scale PowerWash Ad Campaign for you. It is the perfect method of advertising – green, economical, customizable and powerful.



It really depends on how dirty the surface was initially, what are the subsequent weather conditions (was there a lot of rain), and how aggressively was the image initially applied (several passes with the pressure washer or just one). Stencils can be applied as either transparent (transferring only the cutout areas and steel connections within the frame) or as box, where you include all the transparent areas as well as the edges of the frame.


Logo Stencils (3'x3

Logo Stencils, are traditionally 3 feet by 3 feet, however, we will slightly modify the dimensions up or down, to ensure that we are providing the best possible design to transfer the image. Purchase a "Proof", submit the artwork, and we will forward you a "Proof", as well as a coupon for the purchase price of your "Proof".