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By: Outdoorinventory  09-12-2011

What's your company's logo?  What's your customer's logo?  Logo Stencils provide a high impact advertisement generating a "Wow" factor in all who see it.  Logo Stencils are fabricated using a high-end plasma cutter, followed by hand sanding (to fine tune any rough edges), with a liberal application of a quality sprayed on paint.  Logo Stencils are approximately 3'x3' (slightly plus or minus to support the best image) and weigh around 17 pounds (the more cutouts the less weight).

Logo Stencil Design:

Before deciding on the design of your stencil, you must understand how the image (logo) is going to be displayed on the surface.  The easiest way to think about it is to refer to the old style of printing, where things were created in the reverse or the negative.  In essence, when you apply your stencil, you will be creating an image that is in both white (cutout areas) and black (areas between the cutouts).  Also, you must understand, what is easily printed on paper, is not always easily replicated in a stencil, you must have connecting elements (steel) to support the image.

For Example:


In the above, we have first the steel stencil and then the image (impression) created from the stencil.  

Creating The Negative:

In the "cats against clay.org" example, the paw print and all of the words are cleaned (white), except for the word "clay" (black).    

Connecting Elements:

The word "clay" also requires connecting elements to hold the image in place.  If you notice, on the bottom left of the letter "c" in clay, it is attached to the rest of the frame as well as attached to the letter "l".  Likewise, the letter "y" is attached to the frame, as well as attached to the letter "a".


The font you choose, and the image you chose, should provide for adequate spacing between the letters and within the image.  While we encourage you to be creative in your design, we also encourage you to think about how that image will be transferred to the surface.  Does your font provide good readability at great distances?  Is your logo (image) so complicated with such small cutouts that the image will become blurred?  On our Text Stencils we exclusively use Arial Round Bold, which provides great readability at long distances.  We recommend using a similar font with some block lettering when feasible.

Creating Your Proof:

PowerWashStencils includes the setup and "Proof" creation in the price of the Logo Stencil.  You may either: 1) Purchase your Logo Stencil, submit the artwork and we will forward you a "Proof".  2) Purchase a "Proof",  submit the artwork, and we will forward you a "Proof", as well as a  coupon for the purchase price of your "Proof".  You may apply your coupon to the purchase of your Logo Stencil for up to 90 days.  Unused coupons (no Logo Stencil purchased) are non-refundable.

Artwork Submission:

Weight, Size, & Limitations:

Logo Stencil is around 15-25lbs (depending upon the cutouts, and the exact dimensions of the stencil).   Logo Stencils, are traditionally 3 feet by 3 feet, however, we will slightly modify the dimensions up or down, to ensure that we are providing the best possible design to transfer the image.   You can get virtually any size image impression you want, but physical stencils are traditionally limited to 4 feet by 4 feet.   If your desired image is greater than  4 feet by 4 feet , you would need to align several stencils together to create your image impression.

Check Out:

All orders are processed through PayPal, with a Visa, MasterCard or registered PayPal account.


We ship to all addresses within the Continental U.S. on a flat rate of $75 per Logo Stencil.    For Shipping outside the Continental U.S., please     BEFORE   ordering to determine shipping pricing and to confirm delivery availability.  Your shipping address is based upon what you define on PowerWashStencils.com; any m odifications to the shipping address   within   PayPal will NOT be reflected here.   NOTE: For larger orders (multiple logo stencils), if you prefer to use your own carrier (FedEx, UPS)  and your own account number, please contact us BEFORE ordering so that we may accommodate this during check out. 


Stencils are fabricated, painted and shipped in about two weeks, although depending upon demand; we always try and make it sooner.


Copyrighted names (e.g.   Pro Sports Teams ) cannot be processed at this time. 


If you have any questions that are not answered on this page or on the site, please feel free to give us a call M-F, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST,  Power Wash Stencils have a patent pending!

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It really depends on how dirty the surface was initially, what are the subsequent weather conditions (was there a lot of rain), and how aggressively was the image initially applied (several passes with the pressure washer or just one). Stencils can be applied as either transparent (transferring only the cutout areas and steel connections within the frame) or as box, where you include all the transparent areas as well as the edges of the frame.