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By: Ottawa Eft  09-12-2011

Heilkunst Medical practitioners discovered that the proper remedy must be used in accordance with natural laws at the proper time and in the proper sequence. Most commonly, sequential therapy refers to the gentle treatments used to remove the shocks and traumas that, built up over a lifetime, negatively impact each individual’s health. Unlike conventional therapy, which often goes back to the earliest, most deeply entrenched trauma first, Heilkunst therapy begins with the most recent trauma and works backwards; a more effective and much less painful process for the patient.

Shocks and traumas such as surgeries, drugs, vaccines, accidents, painful mental and emotional events, birth and even inherited predispositions are identified as the patient and the Heilkunst doctor work together to create a timeline of these events. This timeline is then used with therapies that address each emotional, physical, and mental trauma, beginning with the most recent occurrence and working backwards to the beginning.

Sequential Treatment was developed from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s original theories by Dr. J.F. Elmiger in the 1970’s, and then furthered in the 1990’s through the discoveries of Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith. It is a very effective treatment method in the integrated Heilkunst medical system.

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