OT Works! meaningful solutions

By: Ot Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy

OT Works! meaningful solutions

OT Works! provides a range of occupational therapy services:

In-Home Assessments
We provide thorough, in-home assessments to determine a person’s level of safety and independence with functional activities following discharge from hospital. Recommendations may include adaptive equipment to improve independence, re-organization of the home environment, provision of care services to address personal care or homemaking needs, referrals to other rehabilitation professionals, and/or follow-up OT treatment.

Ergonomic and Work Place Assessments
Includes the evaluation of the person, their environment and their required job demands to prevent or reduce the probability of a work place injury, or to minimize the effects of this interaction on an injured area. Workplace assessments often occur during the rehabilitation process, to introduce the patient back into the workplace, to review expected job demands, to determine appropriate duties for resuming a gradual return to work, and to facilitate the transition of returning to work by providing structured, safe progressions, according to the person’s abilities.

Occupational therapy intervention can include strategies to assist a person with physical, cognitive or emotional difficulties. They can include (but are not limited to): education on pacing, energy conservation, and biomechanics, teaching cognitive strategies and implementing these strategies while performing daily activities, and providing activities to improve range of motion, strength and tolerance.

Case Management
Involves the collection, synthesis, and coordination of medical and rehabilitation information and services, and distributing this information as consented by the patient, to provide an effective, efficient and medically-appropriate rehabilitation plan, for optimal recovery. We encourage client-centred, goal-directed treatment based on objective evidence and analysis.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation