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By: Oserogho Associates  09-12-2011
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Legal Services

Commercial & Banking Law

The Firm provides company-secretarial and business advisory services to her Clients in commercial, business, banking and financial matters. These services include the incorporation and establishment of companies, joint venture companies and local subsidiaries, obtaining regulatory and licensing approvals, immigration services, etc. We presently represent a number of Banks, a Venture Capital Firm and many start-up multinational companies, who are now in Nigeria as a result of the inflow of direct foreign investment.

Our Firm also acts as the Internal Legal Department for a number of Clients who have found it more efficient and cost-effective to out-source this function. A Client of ours is a multi-national facilities management company, which is an emerging market in Nigeria .

We also act in Insolvency, Receiverships and debt recovery litigations. We have undertaken a Receivership worth over N 500Million in the year 2004 for a group of Nigerian Banks.

We undertake all forms of searches and registrations of various enterprises at the Corporate Affairs Commission, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, the National Office for Technology Acquisition & Transfer, Federal Ministries of Internal Affairs, Industry, and at other regulatory bodies.

We also undertake investigatory services for our overseas Clients.

Tax Law

As a licensed member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, we provide tax advisory services. We believe and encourage our Clients to ensure that tax planning and management is central to their business. We do a lot of work for one of the foremost Accounting Firm in the world with Partners in Nigeria.

Intellectual Property

We represent our Clients in the registration, investigations and protection of their intellectual property rights in Nigeria. These include the registration of Trade Marks, Services Marks,Business Designs, Patents, Invention, etc. One of our key Clients is a Hotel that has the largest franchise of Hotels in Africa.

We are also presently representing a Client against one of the foremost software product manufacturers in the world.

Litigation & Arbitration

The Firm handles all kinds of litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution matters.

The litigation and arbitration matters we are presently involved in include those on local and international contractual differences, banking and finance matters, employment and pensions, intellectual property, land, family and probate matters, employer/employee and personal injury claims, carriage of goods by air, sea, etc. Some of these matters are on appeal to higher Courts, in which we also have considerable experience.

We in addition undertake other alternative dispute resolution procedures like Mediation and Reconciliation, which most businesses now prefer to litigation because of its speedy, privacy and non-hostile mechanism.

Telecommunications & Energy Law

Huge economic potentials in the Telecommunications and Energy sectors of the Nigerian economy, with an estimated population of 140Million people as at June 2004, have brought about a passion and expertise in the areas of Telecommunications and Energy Law and practice.

We have negotiated an Independent Power Purchasing Agreement; for another Client, we have negotiated a Joint Venture Agreement to provide some telecommunication services in Nigeria .

Property & Conveyancing Law

The Firm has experience in the area of negotiating purchases of landed properties and perfecting the title of the Client to the property, at any Land Registry in Nigeria . As a collateral service, we conduct investigations on both registered and unregistered titles to land.

The Firm also undertakes, for some of her select Clients, the management of their real property in associateship with a qualified Estate Manager. The Firm packed an On-Line property consultancy company for one of her retainer Client who has achieved great success in this area.

Construction Law

One of our long standing Clients is an architectural and construction company. With the return of democracy in Nigeria and the increase in foreign investment, there has been a considerable improvement in building and other construction contracts. The negotiation and conclusion of most of these negotiations we have been involved in.

Keywords: alternative dispute resolution, Chartered Institute, Law, Tax Advisory