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By: Os Medical Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: fiberglass, Splint

BS Casting & BS Splint

Both of our BS casts and BS splints provide numerous advantages and benefits to the product users, applicators as well as to the purchasers that they demonstrate efficiency as well as effectiveness.

The following diagram briefly outlines these advantages and benefits.

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Advantages for Health Care Institutes & Procurement Services

1. Cost Effective

- Manufacturing that does not involve fiberglass material results in reduced  manufacturing cost.
- BS Cast and Splint uses automated manufacturing system that reduces the cost of production.
- Canadian distribution (OS Medical Canada) holds close relationship with the manufacturer (OS Medical) and therefore there is no extra 3rd party cost. 

2. Human Resource Efficiency

- As less specialized efforts are required by BS Cast and Splint, the specialized personnels can be assigned to other important tasks.
- Due to shorter time of application, specialists can dedicate themselves to more number of patients.
- BS Cast and Splint offer relatively speedy application that does not compromise quality, and therefore less complicated and shorter training is available.
- BS Cast and Splint allows the care personnels to do their jobs effectively in a timely manner that can earn valuable trust from patients.

3. Environment-friendly Disposal

- Fiberglass-absent construction of BS Cast and Splint allows for environment-friendly disposal through the method of incineration without the need to bury it, as is in the case for fiberglass casts.

Keywords: fiberglass, Splint