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By: Orthometrix  09-12-2011

ORTHOMETRIX, INC. has developed the VibraFlex® 560 using our internationally patented Galileo vibration technology which causes the device to function in the specific uni-directional, oscillating pattern. The VibraFlex® 560 is defining a new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at a specific frequency, typically 25-27 Hz. Targeted muscles are given 25-27 impulses per second, causing them to contract and relax by the natural, involuntary, muscle stretch reflex, 25-27 times per second. At this optimal range, a one minute therapy session will produce 1,500 contract/relax cycles.

You can now adjust your frequency settings from three different locations on the VibraFlex® 560: control console, remote control or at the base. This is an essential tool as your broaden your vibration training.

The VibraFlex® 560 has a unique built-in frequency shuffle function which challenges you to respond. It keeps you engaged and forces you to focus on balance and coordination. You can also pick from four preset training programs or manually adjust the frequency to fit your level of intensity.

The VibraFlex® 560 was designed to allow you to benefit from exercise without the constraints of conventional exercise (i.e. stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, numerous repetitions, etc.). Therapy sessions of only 2-3 minutes, twice a week produce measurable results. Don't let a debilitating condition due to injury or disease (i.e. arthritis, incontinence, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease) stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest.