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By: Orpheum  09-12-2011

Orpheum Hosted PBX answers all calls and faxes to your company’s local or toll free number. Hosted PBX answers your calls 24/7, even during power outages and emergencies. You can ensure that you are always in business.

If you are on the phone or receiving multiple faxes, Hosted PBX manages all of your calls to ensure that your customer does not get a busy signal.

Orpheum’s Automated Attendant answers all calls made to the main line of your office and routes calls, or you can have your receptionist answer incoming calls and have calls answered by the auto attendant only when your receptionist is busy.

Callers to the main line will be able to enter the extension of the person they are trying to reach. Callers have the ability to call employees directly saving time by bypassing the auto-attendant.

Orpheum Hosted PBX will answer your company’s calls and play greetings based upon the schedule you set. Route callers to voice mail, extensions and alternate numbers based on the rules you set. Teleworkers’ and remote workers’ calls routes calls to wherever your employee is located.

Orpheum makes it easy to customize your company’s phone system to work the way your company works. You can load professionally managed greetings for your company departments, user extensions and voice mail. Select music and on hold messages to reflect your company image. If you have a special need, we can help you with a customized solution.

Orpheum Hosted PBX provides professional business phones with built-in phone line and phone system features. Orpheum Hosted PBX professional IP phones provide features such as: Call Display, Conference Calling, Call Hold, Headset, and Speaker Phone.

Your phone system co-ordinates your calls with your IP Phone, home phone, and mobile. Manage your calls using your own secure web portal. Communicate with customers or colleagues from any location with an Internet connection.

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