Oud Emerald Ensar Oud Oil

By: Oriscent  09-12-2011

If you hand a bottle of Oud Emerald to any seasoned agarwood oil lover, her face will light up, saying: ‘Ah, the breath of Papua. There’s nothing like it!’

Its cool, tangy top-notes breathe with a lavish herbal undercurrent, typical to Oud from this lush Indonesian island.

Refreshingly moist and exotic, Oud Emerald adds some body to the subtle and smooth aroma unique to other Indonesian Ouds – if Borneo oils take you for a mid-day stroll along a dry forest path on a blue-sky summer day, Oud Emerald takes you for an early morning jog deep in the jungle, where the pine leaves glitter with the clean morning dew. It is unspoiled, fresh, and crispy, with a soft, tropical muddiness to sink your toes into.

For those familiar with our now legendary Papua oils, Oud Emerald will remind you of the wild green, foresty, even minty character that made Green Papua so exceptional.

If you’ve never had the chance to try pure Papua Oud, Oud Emerald offers everything you’ve been missing out on.

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Every batch is limited to a unique jungle, a specific grade of wood, and a distillation process so stringent we consider it an art form. Bolder than Borneo, cleaner than Cambodi, this Filipino personifies more than just a montage of her neighboring islands.. Batch by batch, jungle by jungle, these are the rarest Oud oil distillations in the world. Kyara is that mystical figure spoken of in folklore of every kind.


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You're the only one who's ever asked for this."Ensar's OCD drives distillers mad. It also gets them to produce Oud oils they themselves never saw before. His vision turned a timeless tradition into an artisanal culture. No one does this," said one of the Oud distillers.



Oud oil has always been an exquisite rarity enjoyed only by a fortunate few. Join me on a journey down memory lane..