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By: Original Spider  09-12-2011
Keywords: Horseshoe Stake

From a time when ranch-hands first pitched horseshoes for recreation,

one key element has frustrated players throughout the games duration--- the instability of the stakes. From first angling the stakes forward for greater stability on it's own, to the utilization of longer stakes, buried logs and buckets of cement; none of which have proved capable of withstanding the test of time; we proudly introduce..

Tired of the repetitive routine of restoring and realigning your horseshoe stakes?  Save yourself the unnecessary expenditure of both time and money by simply installing "The Original Spider Stabilizer" exceptional in strength and design, its overall advantages will long exceed that of conventional methods and allow a lifetime of carefree play.

The Original Spider Stabilizer

Only $34.95Four interlocking arms of heavy duty steel fully coated to help prevent rusting. A durable rubber insert prevents slippage. Two assemblies per box!

Enjoy peace of mind with the Safeguard Spider Cap

  • Will fit over any size horseshoe stake
  • 1/2" of soft durable cushion above the stake & 1/2" around the perimeter
  • Yellow swirls helps stakes stand out at night

In most cases (depending upon the diameter of the stake) the SAFEGUARD SPIDER CAP will squeeze on tight, preventing the lure of children to lift them off. As not to put undue tension on the stake we recommend holding down the stake as each cap is removed.

Safeguard Spider Cap

Only $9.95 Per. SetDesigned to help protect children & pets from serious injury, it's soft yet durable material puts a thick protective padding between indiscretion and prevention.
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Keywords: Horseshoe Stake