Brushless Motor Speed Control Systems

By: Oriental Motor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ac Motors, Brushless Motors

Brushless motors provide energy savings. Since the efficiency is higher than for an inverter-driven three-phase motor, the electricity consumption is greatly reduced. In addition, brushless motors are smaller and more powerful than AC motors and save space. Brushless motors also provide constant torque from low speed to high speed.

Because of the different motor structure and control method, speed control range of the brushless motor is wider than that of an AC speed control motor.

Thanks to its flat torque characteristics, the brushless motor can be used over the entire speed range from low to high, even when the load fluctuates.

Excellent Speed Stability, Flat Torque

The specified speed is compared against the feedback signal to adjust the motor supply voltage and frequency, in order to stabilize the speed.

This mechanism ensures that the motor drives at stable speed over its entire speed range from low to high, even when the load condition fluctuates.

Compact yet Powerful

The compact yet powerful motor incorporates permanent magnets in the motor rotor. Compare with an AC motor having a frame size of 3.54 in. (90 mm), a brushless motor of the same specifications is 2.95 in. (75 mm) shorter and offers 1.3 times more output.

The compact motor structure lets you downsize your equipment.

Energy Saving

Brushless motors, which incorporate permanent magnets in the rotor, generate little secondary loss from the rotor.

At an output power of 1/12 HP (60 W), for example, the power consumption of the BLF Series is approximately 23% less than that of an inverter-controlled AC motor, which enables the energy-saving operation of your equipment.

Electronic-Input Control

Brushless motor systems are available with electronic-input control. The driver can be connected directly to a programmable controller. As the motor requires no power relays, there is no need for periodic service or replacement of relays. this makes the machine highly reliable. Moreover, the time required to set up the motor is greatly reduced. Removing the relays eliminates the spark noise during opening and closing of the relay contact points.



Parallel Shaft Gearhead

A dedicated high-strength gearhead for brushless motors that also supports high-speed rotation.
Incorporating a long-life design, this gearhead has a rated life of 10,000 hours, which is twice as long as the rated life of a conventional gearhead.

Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead

This gearhead adopts a hollow shaft that can be directly coupled with the drive shaft of your equipment without using any coupling part.
The flat structure embodies higher strength and higher permissible torque than conventional parallel shaft gearheads.

Features of Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead

Our hollow shaft flat gearhead for brushless motors incorporates a special structure offering space-saving solutions for your equipment and realizing high permissible torque.

Space-Saving and Low-Cost

The output shaft can be coupled directly to your drive shaft without using a coupling. The flexible installation modes, such as installation on the front or rear face or by using a center shaft, allow you to reduce the size and installation space of your equipment. Since no shaft-coupling parts are needed, the parts cost and labor will also decrease.

High Permissible Torque

While the permissible torque of the parallel shaft gearhead saturates at high gear ratios, the hollow shaft flat gearhead enables the motor torque to be fully utilized.

Selectable Installation Direction

If you are installing the hollow shaft flat gearhead, the gearhead can be oriented in any of the four directions according to the equipment.

High Reliability

Use of a belt and pulley, chain and sprocket as shaft-coupling parts may necessitate maintenance due to elongation of the belt or chain, dust or loss of lubrication oil. The hollow shaft flat gearhead adopts a sealed gear transmission structure, which embodies high reliability while eliminating the need for maintenance. This gearhead also lasts long, as its rated life is 10,000 hours.

Keywords: Ac Motors, Brushless Motors

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