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By: Orgues Létourneau  09-12-2011

DESIGNED to accompany small choral groups or baroque ensemble, our continuo organs are designed for maximum flexibility.  The 2’ Principal and 1 1/3 Quint stops are both divided in the bass and treble, with the point of division interchangeable between b24 / c25 and c25 / c#26.  Furthermore, the entire organ can be instantaneously transposed between A=440 Hz and A=415 Hz.  The organ is tuned with tuning sleeves, permitting the organ to be tuned in a variety of temperaments.  The blower for the instrument is detached and built into a matching soundproofed enclosure.

  • Width:  52”

  • Depth: 31” (manual retracted) - 36” (manual extended)

  • Height: 41”

The continuo is built on casters, but is also provided with two sturdy handles at either end of the case permitting the instrument to be lifted by two individuals.
We are presently offering two continuo organs for sale: the first has a warmly-finished quartersawn white oak case, while the case for the second is made from richly-stained cherry wood and features gilded accents.

Gedeckt 8'
Flute 4'

 Principal 2' (treble and bass)

Quint 1-1/3' (treble and bass)


  • Opus 102: $60,000 US (white oak case)

  • Opus 104: $63,000 US (cherry case, plus third transposing option of A=392)

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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