Our Products

By: Organics In America  09-12-2011
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Our Products

Organic products from the following companies have
fueled our rapid growth and the consumer demand continues to grow:

Pacific Natural Foods, Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Organic Chicken Broth, Once Again Organic Peanut Butter, Cashew and Almond Butters; Kashi Cereals and GoLean bars; Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce and Salsa; Nutrisoya Soy Milk; Organic Baby food; Cascadian Farms Organic Jelly; and Emer’gen-C Energy Booster.

Our current expansion project is to build a warehouse with space for another 60-80 companies products in a variety of categories. New products we are interested in importing are: Lakewood Organic Juices, Amy’s Organic Soups and Beans, Lundberg Organic Rice products, Stretch Island Fruit Leathers, Annie’s Organic Pasta products and Organic Salad Dressings, Health Valley Organic products, Fantastic Foods, Garden of Eatin’ Organic Chips, Late July Organic Crackers, Jason’s Skin Care products, Earth Friendly Organic Cleaning products, OrangeGuard Organic Insecticide, Organic Gluten-Free products, Country Choice Organics Cookies, Dr. Oetker Organic Cake Mixes, Pudding, All-Purpose Flour, Guayaki Organic Mate Tea products, Steaz Organic Fruit Sodas, Apple & Eve, Clif Bars, Earth’s Best, Spectrum Organic Oil, RW Garcia, Hansen & Blue Sky, LaraBars, Pure Bars, San-J, Pamela’s, Badger, Izze, Thai Kitchen & Simply Asia, Newman’s Own Organics and more.

While the government is working to develop organic farmers here, OIA is also working on that same goal. For the moment, we are bringing organic foods to Costa Rica. People do a double take when we tell them that, and some even ask, “you’re exporting from Costa Rica, or to Costa Rica” usually saying exporting before they say “to Costa Rica.” They just can’t believe it.

But the facts are that over 95% of the organic production in CR is for export, and is mostly pineapple, coffee, cocoa and orange juice. Very few organic products make it to the supermarkets here, and yet, people want them. So for now, OIA is working to bring these certified organic products to the markets in CR. This will help create the demand for more local organic products.

We will be working on the development of local certified organic products. We want to support the organic farmers and their farms. We know that some of the products we are bringing could be grown and processed here…organic tomato products, organic peanut butter, and much more. But our current work brings the existing products to the market, raises awareness of the possibilities, and builds a base for our further work here.

We have a variety of options for grant-giving, investing or equity funding. For more information, call Robert Roman at 506.249.3262 in Costa Rica. If calling from the US or Canada, call toll-free 888.225.4078.

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