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By: Organic Landscape  09-12-2011
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What is the LRC maintenance program?

LRC's regular maintenance program runs according to the growing season of your landscape rather than the calendar. Normal maintenance includes foliar fertilization, pest monitoring and recommendations. Soil fertilization, pest control, and weed control can be added as part of the regular maintenance program at the discretion of the client. During the winter LRC also offers pruning and dormant pest control applications.


Approximately once a month (during the growing season) LRC applies a custom liquid foliar fertilizer to your entire landscape (excluding tall trees). This provides "nutrient insurance". Plants under stress (caused by such things as unseasonably high temperatures and improper irrigation) cannot obtain the nutrients required to maintain health and pest resistance. Liquid organic fertilizers applied to the leaves prevents any nutrient deficiencies, therefore, maintaining the plants health and pest resistance. While applying the foliar fertilizer we monitor for landscape pests.


Upon each visit to your landscape any changes that should be made in management of the landscape are conveyed to the property owner (manager). Typically this consists of items such as altering irrigation schedules, changing mowing height and frequency, sharpening mower blades, or applying mulch around shrubs.

Organic pest control:

LRC does not apply pest control products on a routine basis as do chemical landscape care companies. LRC deals with the cause of pest invasions in contrast to chemical treatments that only treat the symptoms. LRC prevents pests from becoming a problem. Customized fertilizer applications maintain a fertile soil alive with microbes that help fight off pests. Routine foliar fertilizations maintain the health of plants and enables them to better resist pest attack. Finally, frequent monitoring discovers pests early so they can be controlled naturally before they become a serious problem. LRC utilizes only natural pest control products that are allowed by California's organic food laws.

If pests are found during routine monitoring (or by our client in-between visits) our response depends on the pest and the action required to achieve control. In some cases the pest can easily and quickly be eliminated with minor environmental manipulation. In those cases we usually take care of the problem immediately on the spot. If more extensive treatment is required or natural pest control products are necessary, we contact the property owner (or manager) and discuss the possible plans of action.

Do not expect weeds to be totally eliminated from your lawn. No landscape service or herbicide can achieve a weed free lawn. In most cases LRC encourages clover (previously considered a weed) as an integral part of the lawn. Clover is more drought tolerant than grass, greens up faster, and it loosens the soil favoring grass growth over weed competition. Clover also manufactures nitrogen reducing the amount of fertilizer that must be supplemented.

Since pest control (other than monitoring) is not truly a routine activity and generally not necessary it is normally not included in the regular fee. If pest control work is required and agreed upon by the client the fee will usually be added to their regular bill.

Weed control in pavement cracks:

Weeds growing in cracks of driveways and walkways are a problem that have been difficult to control in the past without herbicides. LRC now is offering a chemical free alternative: flame weeding. Using our specially designed singafier undesirable weeds are incinerated.

Keywords: Fertilizer, pest