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By: Optosecurity  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Suite, 3d Computer, Threat Detection

Optosecurity's OptoScreener and XMS Threat Detection Software Suite are EU Certified Type C Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS). 

Responding to new threats requires a new perspective. Optosecurity's innovative approach to threat detection combines a unique mix of leading edge technologies. Using advanced materials science, intelligent 3D computer vision, and contextual analysis, Optosecurity delivers a new generation of threat detection solutions to the market, based on breakthrough, patented technologies.

Optosecurity's decision-support software addresses new regulations on LAGs and deployment issues such as the shortfalls of current detection equipment, human factors limitations, and privacy. Optosecurity’s products enhance the capacity of X-ray systems or other detection systems, such as AIT portals, to automatically detect anomalies.  Optosecurity’s products provide remote monitoring as well as sharing and collecting important data for optimal intelligence gathering and interdiction enforcement. Our products offer automated detection and privacy solutions that can vastly improve success in addressing evolving threats.

Our innovative products provide much needed assistance at checkpoints. Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, our solutions automatically look for threats and prompt security screeners with warning messages when likely threats have been found in bags, containers, or on persons. While complementing the screeners’ work, these automated solutions enable a reliable processing of items or persons, in real-time, with no secondary processes to slow throughput.

All Optosecurity products aim to improve the overall safety and the operational efficiency at security checkpoints while maintaining cost efficiency. We offer solutions to retrofit existing single or to enhance multi-view X-ray systems.

Keywords: 3d Computer, Detection Software, Security Screeners, Software Suite, Threat Detection,

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The eVelocity software concept | Optosecurity

The third component is the remote screening room where image analysis and command control are executed by security screeners grouped together to proceed with X-ray image analysis and decision via a queue manager, on a first in - first out based-model.


XMS® Threat Detection Software Suite

The XMS also empowers the standalone EU Certified Type C LEDS OptoScreener® — a powerful yet low footprint workstation connected to single view platforms and to new multi-view systems to further enhance their detection performance combined with an LCD touch screen.


PICASO | Optosecurity

PICASO software is based on 3D computer vision and contextual visual analysis and is being designed to improve the next generation automation capability body scanners. Optosecurity has begun a development effort to integrate its core XMS technologies into AIT portals to provide automated threat detection for personal screening.