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By: Optima-aero  09-12-2011
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Tailored expert engine maintenance management when you need it. Optima Aero’s team of experts in the maintenance of P&WC, Rolls Royce, and Honeywell engines will bring expert knowledge to your engine management. From engine purchase to maintaining configuration, planning maintenance, repair and overhaul and having it executed with the highest quality standards at an affordable cost, you will be surprised at the savings maintenance support process will bring you. In fact we are so certain of the cost savings we are willing to guarantee them.

For maintenance work worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, wouldn’t you prefer an expert to guide your engine through maintenance? Optima Aero can prepare your maintenance specifications and provide options on engine configuration opportunities, warranty campaigns, and help you obtain the best value from your maintenance events. Our experts see for themselves, they will be at your facility or in the chosen maintenance organization on your behalf or with you to review the engine, the material and inspection dispositions.

Our specialists will make a sizeable difference in your overall operating cost, engine performance and in reducing your maintenance dilemmas.

Airworthiness Management & Maintenance planning (fleet)

  • Typical fleet flight profile construct (incorporating operating environment, cycles, time…)
  • Engine operations assessment (log book, engine performance, condition as inspected)
  • Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin daily review applicability for your fleet
  • Records keeping with an “electronic logbook”
  • Maintenance forecasting
  • Maintenance plan recommendation (on-wing maintenance, off-wing maintenance, Service Bulletins to incorporate or not, best timing for removal)
  • Reliability and performance issue resolution with appropriate parties

R&O Event Management

  • Configuration & documentation review (engine & accessories)
  • Customization instruction for purchase order (service bulletins, including potential TBO, H.S.I fuel nozzle inspection extensions)
  • MRO shop recommendations (including commercial negotiated terms)
  • Pre-purchase of life limited components & others based on maintenance plan
  • Post inspection review
  • Unserviceable material review (ensure material was not inadvertently discarded)
  • Cost estimate review
  • Warranty applicability assessment
  • Used embodiment opportunities
  • Potential TBO, H.S.I fuel nozzle inspection extensions
  • Test result reviews (get back a high performing engine rather than a marginal performing)
  • Regular progress reports to inform of progress
  • Final invoice review

Pre buy Inspection and Post rental inspection

  • Complete engine assessment
  • Log book review
  • Engine condition trending analysis
  • Configuration assessment
  • Component inspection (boroscope inspection)
  • Engine valuation

Insurance assessment

  • Following unscheduled engine removal, we expertly identify normal and insurable damage in the cases of foreign object damage, lightning strike and other types of events
  • Damage causality assessment at engine tear down and after inspection and cost estimation
  • Warranty coverage assessment

Need parts for a single maintenance activity?

Managing a fleet or a maintenance organization and need a dependable source for component management and inventory optimization?

Need an expert to manage finding the right repair vendor to repair high cost parts instead of buying new parts?

You can count on Optima Aero.

We use best in class software to ensure traceability and proven repair providers to provide FAA and Transport Canada certified parts. Contact us for a quote or to discuss on-going component management support. Our services will allow you to focus on your core business.

  • Inventory management on or off-site
  • Inventory purchase to min max levels
  • Safety stock leasing
  • Component repair sourcing and management
  • Core engine purchase

Whether you’re an established supplier, a budding business with an aim to succeed in thriving aerospace or a customer who wants to get closer to the action, our on-site, fully bilingual representatives can help. Our services include:

Business representation: commercial negotiations, business to business introductions, getting to know the town and culture

Quality checks & investigation: In facility, before shipping, root cause analysis

Unserviceable material review: understand what decisions were made and their basis. Maybe adding another point of view can be helpful?

Performance management: What KPIs need attention?

Delivery management: Keep an eye on progress; we’ll provide regular reports


Keywords: engine, Engine Maintenance, Event Management, maintenance management