PharmaProof™ - Bottle and Label Inspection

By: Optel Vision  09-12-2011
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The Optel Vision PharmaProof™ is the most complete package inspection solution on the market with more than 40 different vision tools.  It can inspect the totality of your package from the beginning to the end, track products, and automatically eject defective products from the production line.

This robust, reliable and versatile vision inspection solution optimizes the packaging line efficiency and reduces the required labor and rework by automating each step of the product inspection and tracking process.  It can be delivered serialization ready to comply with the existing and upcoming Track & Trace regulations.  Successful implementation of our inspection solution can be achieved by our multi-skills programmers and engineering teams using our specialized software algorithms.

The Optel Vision PharmaProof™ can inspect:

  • Characters (OCV/OCR on Lot, Expiry Date, DIN / NDC, Label ID and Serial Number)
  • Bar code reading and ISO/IEC grading (UPC, Code 128, Datamatrix, EAN, etc)
  • Datamatrix reading and association with printed information
  • Symbols
  • Print positioning and quality
  • Label presence and orientation
  • Bottle caps presence and position
  • Inserts, topserts, sideserts
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Component presence
  • Embossed codes
  • Any other special features

Moreover, the system provides precise and extensive inspection of:

  • Bottle labels
  • Cartons
  • Case label
  • Syringe

In the United States alone, there are thousands of deaths reported each year due to errors in labeling on the packaging of medications.  Manufacturers cannot take risks with people's lives, destroy their brand image, or recall their products.

Reduce your business risks by using Optel Vision technologies on your packaging line.

Keywords: Inspection Solution, Packaging Line, Vision Inspection, Vision Tools,

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