SaleGuard Retail Point of Sale Analytics Software

By: Openeye  09-12-2011
Keywords: video security, Data Analysis, Exception Based Reporting

Retail Analytics Software

Key Performance Indicators


SaleGuard monitors Key Performance Indicators using data analysis and exception based reporting techniques to detect negative trends and notify you so corrective action can be taken.

SaleGuard from OpenEye helps you reduce shrink by catching POS irregularities before they become problems. Using POS data analysis and exception based reporting methods, SaleGuard puts you on the fast track to reducing shrink by automating the process of reviewing key performance indicators for undesirable trends and alerting you of potential shrink causing problems.

The heart of SaleGuard is its data analytics capability. The process begins when the system collects and centrally stores transaction level data from your POS database. SaleGuard then runs a set of proprietary data analytic routines to create sophisticated reports on the performance of employees, departments, or even entire branches. POS data is then combined with surveillance video from OpenEye's recorders to create a powerful tool for forensics and training which can not only save you time but significantly reduce shrink.

  • Reduce shrink by using data analysis to detect undesirable trends in key performance indicators associated with individual employees or stores
  • Automate your loss prevention analysis to better identify operational deficiencies and correct problems before they affect profitability
  • Create awareness of your loss prevention systems capabilities to help your employees make honest decisions
  • Decrease the time it takes you to investigate losses by integrating your POS analytics and video security into one efficient forensic tool
  • Calculate conversion rates, customer traffic, and the effectiveness of product displays using video analytics

Improve Employee Performance

SaleGuard is designed to help your employees make honest and responsible decisions by creating awareness of their actions whether they are good, bad, or potentially illegal.

Combining transactional data and actual video of transaction events allows employees and managers alike to review performance on the floor and identify ways to improve in the future.

  • Increase employees awareness of their actions
  • Reinforce positive performance
  • Help employees make honest and responsible decisions
  • Generate awareness of your loss prevention systems capabilities
  • Drive accountability

Keywords: Data Analysis, Exception Based Reporting, Pos Data Analysis, video security,

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