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By: Ontario Window Film  09-12-2011
Keywords: Air Conditioning, window film, security window

Products Offered
  • security window film
  • safety window film
  • solar window film
  • anti-graffiti film
  • decorative window film
  • privacy window film
  • security gates
  • security window bars
  • door safe system

Why Use Window Film?

Window film is available in a variety of thicknesses, colours and treatments. Ontario Window Film understands and knows that you are concerned for the safety and security of your staff, customers and your business, while appreciating the bottom line. Let us help you select the product that best meets your needs.
Window film can save you money by reducing energy costs and solar damage, while increasing productivity and improving your image and visibility.
So, why use Window Film?

- Can reduce liability,
- Holds glass together against the elements
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against acid etchingSecurity
- Can prevent theft/vandalism
- Holds glass together against the elements
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against acid etchingAnti-Graffiti
- Resistant to acid etching,
- Resistant to Paint
- Resistant to ScratchingSolar
- Reduces Glare
- Reduces heat build up, increases comfort
- Reduces air conditioning costs
- Low emissivity - can reduce heating costsWindow film is available in thicknesses:
8-18mil for Security film
4-7mil for Safety and Anti-graffiti films

Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Standard
We also follow the guidelines set out by the Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA). Companies involved in food process/packaging are required to follow standards set out by the OFPA, which requires all glass to be secure to prevent food contamination?

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Privacy Window Film, Safety Window, Safety Window Film, security window, window film,

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Window Film Installation

Our window films will reduce the strain on air conditioning systems, help reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills.Glare Reduction Window Film Our window films will reduce excess glare without reducing visibility. Heat Window Film Ontario Window Film has a wide range of solar control window films to reduce the heat build up in your building.Excess heat can make working conditions uncomfortable.